How to dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy

A screenshot of a player about to dive in a lake in Hogwarts Legacy.

A screenshot of a player about to dive in a lake in Hogwarts Legacy.
April 19, 2023: Ready to explore under the water? Find out how using our guide containing everything you need to know.

When you play Hogwarts Legacy, you won't always expect to stay dry. There will be quests that require you to get wet and complete them underwater. In this guide, we'll teach you how to dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy.

As soon as you dive underwater, you'll be able to find specific loot. So learning this skill is quite useful if you want more customisable items for your character. It may take some time to find the loot, but with a little bit of patience and luck, you'll get some treasures you can keep.

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A screenshot of a player diving underwater to search for loot in Hogwarts Legacy.
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How to dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy

You can swim normally in Hogwarts Legacy, whenever you approach a body of water. However, there are some quests that are swimming-centric, which can produce in-game prompts that say "dive." You'll see bubbles appearing in the waterm and you'll need to press the square button (for PlayStation users) to dive underwater. Your character will briefly go underwater but your camera won't.

Some of the loot that you can find are a plaid blazer, an ensemble, or a palmette scarf. In the Lost Astrolable side quest, you’ll recover the Pinch-Smedley family astrolabe for Grace in the Black Lake.

Furthermore, if you want to explore every lake in Hogwarts Legacy and find all the loot, you can fly on your broomstick or mount to spot all the swirling points you can interact with, and dive to collect the loot. This could save you time instead of just diving randomly to find the loot spots.

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