How to get Lezduit in High on Life

Lezduit in High on Life

Lezduit in High on Life

High on Life can be a deceptively complex game at points. With so many jokes and stories thrown at you, it can be easy to forget what is happening. If you're playing the game and wondering how to get Lezduit in High on Life, keep reading. We've got the details down below.

As well as going over where you can find him and how to fix him, we go over some tips on how to use him and what you should know to get the most out of him.

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How to get Lezduit in High on Life

If you want to grab Lezduit for your High on Life run, you first have to do the Dr Giblets bounty. Just take it from the board in your home, where you will be tasked with hunting down information from the nearby area. This will then send you to a shop in the Slums called High on Life.

From here, you simply follow the mission until you arrive at Dr Giblets. Take him down and you will have to escape the base. On the way, you'll find a room with a dying Gatlian plugged into a machine. You need to grab him to progress forward, so Lezduit is impossible to miss if you go through the mission normally.

From here, bring him home and hand him off to Gene. You will then be sent to do your next bounty while you wait for him to get fixed.

Lezduit in High on Life
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How to use Lezduit in High on Life

Lezduit is only unlockable for the very last portion of the game. You will grab him just before taking on the final bounty, so don't go running through the game thinking you've missed a trick. You're ok.

You'll unlock an achievement when you pick him up from Gene. He is capable of huge destruction, hitting enemies in an arc, but his reload time is pretty slow to make up for his raw power.

To play Lezduit well, aim his shots at wide groups of enemies and then swap out to a different weapon while you wait for him to cool down.

A big notification will pop up on the screen saying "Lezduit" when your gun has cooled down, signifying you should head back and start firing with him again. If you haven't figured it out already, its name is one long pun on the phrase "Let's do it."

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