How to access the Hawked open beta

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A character pointing at a puzzle in Hawked.

Not sure how to access the Hawked open beta? It’s much easier than you might think, but only once you know where to look for it. As soon as you’re in the right place, you can get guaranteed and immediate access with a single click. A relatively small download later and you’re hopping into a new extraction shooter a bunch of other people.

Following its mid-2022 announcement, the Hawked closed beta allowed a subset of those who registered their interest in the game to give it a whirl. Limited player numbers, of course, would have made getting the full experience of seamless matchmaking hard to manage. But that’s not entirely the point. An open beta, however, virtually is.

How to access the Hawked open beta

If the Hawked open beta is still active while you’re reading this, you only need a couple of things to get started: a capable PC, a Steam account, and yourself.

To access the Hawked open beta, just launch Steam and type Hawked into the store search bar. Find the game, click onto its page, and you’ll see a familiar space.

From here, you just need to go to where you’d typically find the “add to cart” button, where it will instead say something along the lines of “request access.” As soon as you click this button and follow through with its instruction, you’ll be granted immediate access to the Hawked open beta.

From there, you’ll be prompted to install the game to your drive of choice. Wait for the download to finish, launch the game, and that’s it—you’re in.

We can’t say for certain, but you shouldn’t have to do this again if another open beta—like the Hawked crossplay test—begins. You should just be able to fire up the same client again from your library (maybe with an update) and jump straight in.

A character taking aim in Hawked.
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When is the Hawked open beta?

The first Hawked open beta runs from August 3–17, 2023. Between those dates, you’ll be able to follow the steps above to play the game on PC.

Does Hawked open beta progress carry over into the full release?


With the first battle pass available for free to those who play during the Hawked open beta, any cosmetic items unlocked during it will carry over into the full release. Account progression, however, will be reset to ensure everyone starts off on the same playing field. You’ll just be able to look cooler.

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