Is Hawked on Consoles? - PS4 and Xbox version details

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A screenshot from Hawked showing two players attacking a large creature.

Is Hawked on consoles? If you’ve been looking at the recent trailers, you might be a little confused. We’re here to set the record straight. Being a new extraction shooter with a very familiar fluid and saturated art style, there’s reason to believe it could be one of the bigger social games of the summer.

To answer one of the most important questions you’ll likely have about the game until it releases, we’ve scrubbed through old announcement trailers, beta videos, press releases, and official FAQs to work out the developer’s plans for the future. And things are looking good.

Is Hawked on consoles? - PS4 and Xbox version details

If all you’ve seen of Hawked so far is from Twitch streams and trailers advertising the beta tests, you’ll rightfully assume that Hawken is a PC-only game. The end of the most recent trailers only shows a tiny Steam icon.

But, as it turns out, that’s only to illustrate how you can play the current early access version. In the initial announcement trailers and the game’s official FAQ, Hawked is planned to release on consoles as well—there’s just very little information pertaining to those versions right now.

Is Hawked on PS4?

According to a potentially auto-populated Steam snippet on Google, Hawked is currently set to release on PS4, ensuring last-gen players can get in on the action and continue playing should they upgrade their machines.

Is Hawked on PS5?

As well as a PS4 version, the announcement in 2022 made sure to confirm a PS5 version of Hawked was in development. This should confirm it to be separate from the PS4 version, meaning PS5 users won’t simply be running a last-gen version of the game on the updated hardware.

Is Hawked on Xbox?

The same sources touting the PS4 release of Hawked also allude to an Xbox One launch as well. That means players still running Microsoft’s last-gen console, whether that’s a launch day Xbox One, a One S, or a One X should be all set to hop in at launch.

Native Xbox Series versions were also included in the announcement material.

When is the Hawked console release date?

Currently, no release date for Hawked on console has been set. The game was announced in the second half of 2022 with open beta tests on PC taking place in the second half of 2023.


With a battle pass that carries over into launch, however, there’s reason to believe a Hawked release could come as soon as the open beta ends. It just isn’t clear if that will mean the console version arrives at the same time too.

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