DMZ Building 21 - where to find and what's inside

DMZ players wearing ghillie suit
Credit: Activision

DMZ players wearing ghillie suit
Credit: Activision
December 19, 2022: Building 21 is open for business! It's worth noting that you only have a limited window to access the area so be quick!

The mystery surrounding DMZ Building 21 continues to capture the attention of players dropping into Warzone 2's extraction mode. As part of the Season One Reloaded update, Infinity Ward shared information on the imminent arrival of the new point of interest, leaving many confused.

Alongside Building 21, the mid-season update included the arrival of the Chimera assault rifle in addition to numerous bug fixes addressing a variety of issues affecting those dropping into Al Mazrah. DMZ is a great way for you to explore the entirety of the map, but the location of Building 21 remains a mystery.

Before we reveal more about DMZ Building 21, check out our guides highlighting the current Warzone 2 meta and all there is to know about upcoming Warzone 2 double XP events.

What is DMZ Building 21?

According to Infinity Ward, Building 21 is a brand-new location that's situated outside of Al Mazrah. It's expected that the area is full of deadly AI combatants that could be guarding plenty of high-tier loot.

It's unclear what the area actually contains but as soon as more information on the building emerges, we'll update the guide with everything you need to know.

DMZ building 21 interior
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Credit: Activision

DMZ Building 21 location

All we know about the location of Building 21 is that it's outside the confines of Al Mazrah which is unusual considering that's the only DMZ map available to play. With no sign of the building appearing nearby, there's a chance you'll need to travel to the location.

The team behind DMZ say a number of new keycards have appeared all over Al Mazrah so there's a possibility of them revealing more intel on what's within the walls of Building 21. Once we uncover the location of this mysterious building, we'll update the guide with intel on how you can access the structure.

When is Building 21 coming to DMZ?

In an interesting turn of events, Infinity Ward hasn't revealed when Building 21 is heading to DMZ despite unveiling the location as part of the mid-season update. Instead of revealing the arrival date, you'll need to keep an eye on any new clues and teasers that appear over the course of a DMZ match.

Once Building 21 appears, we'll update the guide with all you need to know about the new area. Until then, keep a look out for any new keycards that might reveal more about its location and when it'll appear.

That's everything you need to know about DMZ Building 21 so far. While we search for new intel, make sure you check out our Warzone 2 guides containing intel on the best Warzone 2 AR and a sneak peek at what Warzone 2 Season Two has in store.

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