Is Hawked crossplay?

A promotional screenshot of Hawked showing a character blowing up a watchtower.

A promotional screenshot of Hawked showing a character blowing up a watchtower.

Is Hawked crossplay? If you’ve spotted the open beta livestreams and Let’s Plays and already started to poke your friends into starting up a squad, you may be left wondering if Hawked even always for players across different systems to hook up. Likewise, can you quickly swap from one machine to another without starting over?

With crossplay become a more and more common (and necessary) in today’s multiplayer gaming landscape, you may be apprehensive to put time into a game without knowing if your progress will carry over to a competing platform. You may also be less likely to jump in if you can’t play with your friend who only own, or simply prefer, another system. Let’s figure it out together.

Is Hawked crossplay?

As it turns out, Hawked crossplay is in the works. Since the game’s reveal in the second half of 2022, the Hawked console version was shrouded in secrecy, only stated to be in development without any sort of concrete detail.

With the launch of the open beta on Steam in early August 2023, however, the developers took the time to announce that a Hawked crossplay beta would take place sometime after the PC-only open beta.

That means not only will Hawked be playable on consoles prior to the full release, but PC and console players will be able to team up together as well.

As of mid-August 2023, no date has been set for the Hawked crossplay beta test, but we suspect you won’t have to wait too long after the PC beta to get stuck in with your friends.

Whether you’re all on the same platform or spread across the lot, you should be good to go. And because its free-to-play, Xbox users won’t need an active Xbox Live subscription to join in on the full release.

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