Gotham Knights Batcycle - How to unlock and ride vehicles

Nightwing riding the Batcycle along a moonlit bridge in Gotham Knights.

Nightwing riding the Batcycle along a moonlit bridge in Gotham Knights.

Excited to ride the Gotham Knights Batcycle? The new open-world DC Comics game lets you zoom around Gotham City on the famous two-wheeler, and it's a rapid, exhilarating vehicle to get your hands on. Fortunately, we've got all the details you need to know about it!

In this Gotham Knights guide, we'll crucially explain how to unlock the Batcycle for use in free roam. We'll also explain how you can summon it in the open world to immediately appear in front of you, as well as breaking down the driving controls.

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How do I unlock the Gotham Knights Batcycle?

Fortunately, you don't have to do much to get the Batcycle in Gotham Knights. In fact, as soon as the opening cutscenes are over and you're let loose in Gotham City for your first nightly patrol, you'll soon get to drive it for the first time.

Once you're granted free roam for the first time, the game lightly instructs you on how to call your Batcycle using on-screen prompts. If they haven't come up, that probably means you have other steps prior to that before you can get behind the two-wheeled behemoth.

Nightwing riding the Batcycle in Gotham Knights.
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How do I summon the Batcycle in the open world?

Once you've reach that point in the guided tutorial in Gotham Knights, you'll be instructed to press up on the D-pad. This triggers the Batcycle to materialise out of thin air, using the vehicle's futuristic technology.

As such, it's not like other open-world games, where you need to remember where you last left your car, or wait a few seconds for your horse to gallop over. Instead, the Batcycle will appear directly in front of you once you hit up on the D-pad.

One thing to note, however, is that you can only summon the Gotham Knights Batcycle on suitable surfaces. The motorbike will only spawn in on roads or pavements, and none of the otherwise murky terrain within Gotham City. If you hit the summon command and the Batcycle doesn't appear, that means you'll need to move somewhere else.

How do I ride the Gotham Knights Batcycle?

If you've played any open-world driving games before - or even Batman: Arkham Knight, for that matter - you'll instantly be familiar with how to ride the Gotham Knights Batcycle. First of all, you hop onto the bike by pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox.

As expected, it's the right trigger to accelerate and the left trigger to brake and reverse. Hold them both at once while driving, and you'll perform a sick drift. On top of that, tap L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox to propel yourself out of the Batcycle, into the air. To get off more peacefully, simply hold circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox.

You can also perform a wheelie on the Batcycle by pressing X on PS5 or A on Xbox Series X|S. However, this is purely an aesthetic mechanic, and you don't get any XP for doing so.

Lastly, you can press triangle or Y to perform a ranged attack, throwing Batarangs at any enemies who may be lurking nearby. It's not an especially powerful move, but can come in handy to spring a surprise on unaware thugs.

Are there any other vehicles in Gotham Knights?

In terms of other vehicles you can control, there's nothing aside from the Batcycle in Gotham Knights. As such, the beloved Batmobile from Arkham Knight doesn't make a return, but given this is a Batman-free game, that's not too shocking.

Of course, you can still traverse the city using your own equipment. Each character has a grappling hook to clamber up buildings, and after completing Lucius Fox's quest line you get access to a glider as well.

That's it for our look at the Gotham Knights Batcycle. For even more on the game, check out the PC requirements for 60 FPS, as well as details on whether it's part of the Arkham series or not.

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