Genshin Impact - How to beat Ocean Circuit Judge

Genshin Impact Ocean Circuit Crab boss fight
Credit: WoW Quests

Genshin Impact Ocean Circuit Crab boss fight
Credit: WoW Quests
December 5, 2023: Beat the Ocean Circuit Judge in Genshin Impact easily with our complete guide!

Fontaine has a variety of hidden bosses known as the Local Legends. These creatures are scattered throughout the region and usually represent the highest stage of evolution for the local wildlife. One such Local Legend is the Ocean Circuit Judge in Genshin Impact, who can be found at the bottom of a lake.

Each Local Legend grants you an achievement and a Precious Chest as a reward. If you're looking to experience all the unique encounters available in Fontaine, you can't miss this one. There are some unique mechanics to keep in mind for this fight. So let's see how to find and beat the Ocean Circuit Judge.

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How to find the Ocean Circuit Judge location in Genshin Impact

The Ocean Circuit Judge is located at the bottom of The Great Fontaine Lake on the seafloor guarding over a Precious Chest. This location is to the West of the Salacia Plains and to the North of the giant skull in Beryl Region.

Genshin Impact Fontaine Local Legend Ocean Circuit Judge boss location
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How to beat the Ocean Circuit Judge

The Ocean Circuit Judge boss fight is surprisingly tricky, thanks to its special mechanic as well as the fact that the fight takes place in an underwater arena.

The trick to this fight is making use of the Xenochromatic Armored Crabs located around the arena. Without using their abilities, your attacks will barely do any damage to the extremely tanky Ocean Circuit Judge.

After interacting with the Xenochromatic Armored Crabs, you need to hold down the skill button to enter a shielded aiming mode. Then you need to wait for the Ocean Circuit Judge to attack you while you're protected. Once this happens, you can release the skill button and launch a powerful parry attack right back at it. This attack will deal massive damage to the Ocean Circuit Judge. Rinse and repeat this a couple of times for an easy victory.

Note that without the shield from the Xenochromatic Armored Crabs, it will be very difficult to avoid damage from the Ocean Circuit Judge completely, and this boss packs quite a punch. If you find yourself low on HP, swim over to the recovery orbs around the arena to heal back some of that HP quickly.

After you defeat the Ocean Circuit Judge,. you'll get the achievement "Fading Veteran" and unlock the Precious Chest at the bottom of the seafloor.

That's all you need to know on how to beat the Ocean Circuit Judge and parry his attacks. For more content, check out our Neuvillette and Wriothesley build guides.

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