Genshin Impact: How to change Traveler Element

Traveler in Sumeru - Genshin Impact

Traveler in Sumeru - Genshin Impact

Finally, there are finally all seven elements in Genshin Impact, with four of them currently usable as the Traveler. Here is how to change Traveler Element in Genshin Impact to help build the best teams.

While they may not be the strongest 5-Star character in Genshin Impact, the Traveler is easier to ascend in terms of materials, and very versatile with their different elemental abilities. The Traveler has good HP and defense too, so can hold out on the field where other units may fall.

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Travelers in Genshin Impact
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How to change Traveler Element in Genshin Impact

For you to change elements in the game with the main character, you need to look for a Statue of the Seven. Each of these corresponds to the element of the surrounding region.

  • Mondstadt - Anemo
  • Liyue - Geo
  • Inazuma - Electro
  • Sumeru - Dendro
  • Natlan - Pyro
  • Fontaine - Hydro
  • Snezhnaya - Cryo

Currently, there are three elements available, with Dendro releasing with the Version 3.0 update on August 24.

To get your Traveler imbued with these different elements, locate a Statue of the Seven, and choose the option to Resonate. This can only be done if you currently have the Traveler selected. It costs nothing to swap elements, and can be done as often as you like.

The elemental skills and burst of the Traveler will change depending on the element you currently have. For instance, Traveler's Geo burst is actually needed to help reach some floating Oculus, or to help reach higher places that don't allow climbing... if you don't have Kazuha or Xiao for an Anemo burst, that is!

Having the right element may give an advantage in some cases, so doing this can be vital in Genshin Impact. The elemental change essentially gives you a free unit of each element, that you don't need to ascend separately.

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