Genshin Impact Garden of Endless Pillars puzzle solution

Garden of Endless Pillars Domain

Garden of Endless Pillars Domain

A sprinkling of new domains have arrived in the second Sumeru map addition of Genshin Impact 3.1, one of which has added the troublesome Genshin Impact Garden of Endless Pillars puzzle This is not repeatable, but has a convoluted puzzle to get it to appear. And if it's primogems you're after, you'll want to solve it soon.

Sumeru's desert expansion takes us into the Great Red Sand, where Mausoleums, sand dunes, and other mysterious constructs await us. There are plenty of puzzles for us to work out while we hunt for the regions' specialities, and new enemies and animals to avoid.

For more, check out our Cyno build and Candace build pages. We've even gone over where to find Scarabs and the Redcrest fruits that you'll need to ascend each character. lastly, check out the banner schedule later in the update if you're eager for more pulls.

How to unlock the Genshin Impact Garden of Endless Pillars

The Garden of Endless Pillars puzzle is found to the west of the Dune of Carouses. The easiest way to get there is if you have the westernmost teleport point of the desert unlocked, but if not, it'll be a bit of a walk.

Garden of Endless Pillars Domain location
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Once you arrive, you'll see Flaming Flowers, cacti, and then some invisible mirage walls once you get close.

You can work out which Pyro statues to light in which order; the amount of Flaming Flowers and fruiting Cacti near each statue will give you a hint. We've figured it out to save you some time.

This reference image was taken from the raised outcrop just below this puzzle.

  1. The first to light is alone, below the outcrop, with no plants near it.
  2. The second is to the North of the Domain's building (the stones in the centre), and behind a broken wall.
  3. Number three is just behind the broken wall, where the two Flaming Flowers and one cactus can be found.
  4. Four is to the left of the building entrance, with a patch of Flaming Flowers in front of it.
  5. Lastly, number five is next to number two, to the left.

With that done, a cutscene should trigger, showing the Garden of Endless Pillars coming out of the ground.

Garden of Endless Pillars Domain flower puzzle
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How to complete the Garden of Endless Pillars domain

To complete this Domain challenge, you'll need either Collei or Tighnari - or both. Their Dendro and archer skills are imperative. You can only clear this Domain once. The Domain is recommended for party members level 68 and above.

We recommend a strong Pyro, Electro, or Hydro to go along with your Dendro character to create some strong reactions and easily beat the mushroom enemies within. A character with healing or a shield is also a good idea, but this goes for any Domain.

What rewards can you get from the Garden of Endless Pillars?

By unlocking the Domain in the overworld, you'll get a chest containing some Artifacts, Mystic Ore, weapons and five Primogems. There is another chest inside, containing 3 Primogems, Ore, and artifacts.

Once you've completed the Domain, you're rewarded with Adventure EXP, and a chest with Artifacts, XP materials, and Ingenuity talent materials. You'll also get 40 Primogems and 2 Hero's Wit. It's not a bad haul.

While you're here, don't forget to pick up the Redcrest fruits and Flaming Flower stamens from outside the domain.

For you Genshin super-fans, here's our tier list of where we think each character ranks, and our guide to what's likely coming up in the 3.2 update. It's not as far off as you think.

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