Genshin Impact Redcrest locations - Redcrest map route and farming spots

Genshin Impact Redcrest locations

Genshin Impact Redcrest locations

Did you get a fresh, new Candace that you need to level up? Here's our Genshin Impact Redcrest locations guide that maps out where to find Redcrest fruits in the 3.1 update. They can be a little tricky to farm given they're new and rather elusive, but with the Redcrest map below, you'll get them all in no time.

Despite the desert being a desolate environment, Sumeru's latest expansion holds wide varieties of wildlife and plants, including this new fruit needed to ascend Candace. There are scarab beetles, scorpions, and hostile birds too, so be careful as you scale the sand dunes.

Gesnhin Impact 3.1 is in full swing and we've got guides for Cyno materials guide up if you're in need of some of those, and a Candace guide, too, so that you can farm for her materials in the desert region. Check out our Cyno build and Candace build guides so you can properly equip them if you pull them.

Genshin Impact Redcrest locations

These brand new fruits are found in the Great Red Sand, attached to big cactus plants. There's typically one or two on each step, so you shouldn't struggle to find them.

You can safely climb these cacti too, so don't worry about how to reach them. After grabbing them, you'll need to wait 48 hours for them to return.

Where can I buy Redcrests in Genshin Impact?

Currently, no merchants sell Redcrests. This could chance if the Sumeru region expands again, but grabbing them from trees is your only real option right now.

You also cannot grow the Redcrest in a Serenitea Pot, given that they don't grow like normal plants - this is the same for the likes of Sunsettia and Apples. You can't eat the Redcrests, either, so don't worry about accidentally consuming them for a quick pickup.

Genshin Impact Redcrest locations map
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Best Genshin Impact Redcrest farming areas

Thankfully, unlike Cyno's Scarab beetles, the Genshin Impact Redcrest fruits are easy to spot and plentiful on the map. The bright red fruit can be seen from far off as they give off a sparkle. We recommend these as the best areas to head to to get a handful of fruits at once:

  • South of Aaru Village towards Dar al-Shifa
  • Check around the path between Eye of the Sands and Dune of Carouses
  • Follow the path from Dune of Magma to Dune of Elusion

The only use for these fruits (for now, at least) is to ascend new Hydro Polearm 4-Star Candace. You'll need 168 to ascend her from level 20-80, so she can be as strong as possible. You can grab 79 each time the Redcrests fully respawn, which would mean just over two full farming trips if you want to completely ascend Candace.

She will also require drops from the new boss found at the Dune of Elusion: the Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network. This requires Electro element party members to beat and will drop Light Guiding Tetrahedrons - needed for Candace and characters coming in later updates. The boss fight is pretty easy, but you'll need to break the Algorithm's shields in order to see it properly.

The land of Sumeru is plentiful and is giving us even more as the updates go by. Next up is Nilou, then characters like Dehya and Alhaitham. Check out the banner schedule for who's coming up, and our tier list to check where your team ranks.

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