Games like Fire Emblem Engage - Our top picks available now

A character with multi-coloured hair and a shimmering ring in Fire Emblem Engage.

A character with multi-coloured hair and a shimmering ring in Fire Emblem Engage.

2022 turned out to be a great year for Nintendo, with Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and Splatoon 3 being some of gamers' highlights for the Switch last year. 2023 looks set to be another stellar year for the company with the release of Fire Emblem Engage, the latest entry in the critically acclaimed JRPG series.

Whether you're a fan returning to the magical universe or a newcomer, there are other great games like Fire Emblem Engage on offer out there that will scratch that same JRPG itch. Whether it's other turn-based strategy RPGs or other games in Nintendo's fantasy series, these should not be missed once the credits roll on Fire Emblem Engage.

For more on the game, check out our tips on starting in Fire Emblem Engage. We've also got a look at multiplayer, as well as how to use the piano in the new JRPG titan.

Best games like Fire Emblem Engage

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions
  • Wargroove
  • Fire Emblem Warriors
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

A purple-haired girl performing a move in Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
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By this point, fans of JRPGs will be all too familiar with Atlas after their groundbreaking success with the Persona series, which has slowly been made available for a majority of last- and current-generation consoles. Despite the popularity those particular games received, the same can't quite be said for this Wii U and Switch title.

An ambitious crossover unlike any other, Tokyo Mirage Sessions blends the gameplay of Shin Megami Tensei (another JRPG series developed by Atlas) and Fire Emblem as a host of original playable characters try to save Tokyo from dangerous creatures known as Mirages. Apart from gameplay, recognisable characters and customisable items also make their way into the game, whether to aid in battle or make one of the young heroes look like anyone's favourite characters from previous Fire Emblem games.

One of several Wii U ports to make their way to the Nintendo Switch, unfortunately this has not been as widely recognised compared to other ported titles like Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. But this should not be missed for its ambition to make something new from both of these iconic JRPGs and bring some flair to the all too familiar gameplay.


A blue-haired character and his dog in a cutscene from Wargroove.
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While it may hold a strong visual resemblance to Advance Wars, this was also reminiscent of the 16-bit Fire Emblem games that players could have found on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or even the Game Boy Advance. Released in 2019, it looked equally fitting for any cartridge back in the 90s and early 2000s with its colourful pixel art.

Telling a dramatic story about warring kingdoms going up against rival clans and deadly monsters within a fantastical world, it would be no surprise if any fans of RPGs didn't skip on this one. With an in-depth customisable mode to create maps and even campaigns filled with cutscenes, it also dished out plenty of content to chew on.

Fire Emblem Engage may have been one of the many games responsible for continuing to make the genre popular for modern players, but Wargroove showed just how impactful the early games were, and how this indie gem could rival even the biggest releases when it comes to entertaining battles and engaging strategy.

Fire Emblem Warriors

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A blonde-haired woman holding a sword and shield in Fire Emblem Warriors.
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Believe it or not, Engage is not the first entry to see classic and new characters fight alongside one another in this gaming franchise. Released in 2017, Omega Force and Team Ninja gave their iconic Dynasty Warriors gameplay a new coat of paint with Fire Emblem Warriors, blending their hack-and-slash gameplay with characters from countless entries in the Fire Emblem series.

Introducing royal twins Rowan and Lianna Aytolis, they must band together with heroes like Marth, Lyn, and Corrin, who have travelled through portals in time to stop the revival of Velezark, a Chaos Dragon, who seeks to destroy the Aytolis' kingdom. The story may not be the most complex nor the most engaging when compared to the mainline series, but it nonetheless did a decent job at creating a likeable new cast of heroes to take down hordes of monsters while giving everyone free rein and control over classic characters who have never been played in such a way before.

While this may seem like quite the odd recommendation compared to other entries on this list, it has plenty of similarities between it and Engage that might be worth considering picking up. From opting to creating chemistry between the key playable characters to class upgrades, it offers just enough of the classic formula, even if the turn-based combat has been switched for the hack-and-slash variety. It even spawned a sequel in the form of Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, which was more based on the Three Houses game. Speaking of which...

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

A crowd of students stood together in Fire Emblem Three Houses.
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Credit: Fire Emblem Three Houses

This should come as no surprise to see another mainline Fire Emblem game on the list, and one that also uses the hardware of the Switch. Much like Fire Emblem Engage, it too was greatly praised by critics and those fortunate enogh to pick it up.

Introducing everyone to the Garreg Mach Monastary, gamers control Byleth, a mercenary who has become the latest teacher at the school within the Monastery's walls. Building a relationship with several key characters, the outcome and consequences between everyone cause a war across the kingdoms, and it's up to Byleth and the recruits to stop further loss from happening.

While most Fire Emblem games have been dramatic with the inclusion of voice acting and emotional cutscenes and animations over the years, Three Houses easily take the crown from its predecessors. The narrative choices, to side with one of your students, not just greatly builds the chemistry with them, but causes a greater divide with those you once taught simultaneously.

These same characters appear in Engage, so those who formed a close bond with the warriors they summoned can play and discover what made them fan favourites to be included in the latest instalment.

That's it for our look at some games like Fire Emblem Engage! For even more on the game, check out whether the game is censored, as well as all the confirmed voice actors.

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