Are Fortnite trios vaulted?

Fortnite characters gliding along a rail in Mega City.

Fortnite characters gliding along a rail in Mega City.

The most recent update may have left fans with one question: are Fortnite trios vaulted? In update 24.40, Epic Games released the new Ranked Mode, one of the most significant changes to the game since its release. Still, the update also affected Fortnite trios.

Read this article, and you'll learn if Fortnite trios are vaulted. We'll discuss the current state of the issue and the future of trios in Fortnite. Now take your seat, and we'll start the article!

Are Fortnite trios vaulted?

With the launch of Fortnite update 24.40, Epic Games will remove yrios team size in Battle Royale and Zero Build. It was announced on the official Fortnite Status account on May 16. You can see the tweet below.

Trios Mode became a core Fortnite game mode in Chapter 2 Season 5, after only being available as a Limited Time Mode prior. Despite that, it quickly became the favourite game mode for millions of Fortnite players worldwide.

While Epic Games didn't explain why trios was removed, many assumptions exist on Reddit and other social media. Some players think Epic Games want to stimulate players to play the new Ranked Mode..

Will Fortnite trios ever be unvaulted?

Even though trios has been removed from Fortnite, it is not the end of the story. This controversial decision hasn't gone down well in the community, so there is a slight chance that Epic Games will reconsider its decision and bring back such a community-loved game mode in further updates. Although it may not happen immediately to prevent any negative repercussions, probably, trios will eventually return.

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