All new Fortnite augments explained

A chicken in Fortnite

A chicken in Fortnite
May 10, 2023: We're deep into Chapter 4 Season 2 now, so we checked over our list of Fortnite augments.

The new Fortnite augments are a great way of changing up how you play each game and take on the map. Five more augments have just recently been added to the game, meaning there are always new super powers for you to use against enemies in combat.

Here's everything we know about the new Fortnite augments, from what they do to how they should be used. With all of these new augments in the game, you'll need to be able to discern between each one to use them properly.

All new Fortnite augments

New augments have been added to Fortnite with the Spring Breakout event, changing up how games are played. You can find them below with what they do.

Aquatic Warrior
This allows you to move faster, regenerate health, and regenerate partial shields while swimming. It doesn't work in the storm.
Game Time
Gives you a Pizza Party and Chug Splashes.
Go For Broke
Gives you a Charge Shotgun and Flint-knock Pistol.
Rail Warrior
Regenerates health and partial shields while on rails and ziplines. Doesn't work in the storm.
Springtime Blowout
Gives you an egg launcher.

Aquatic Warrior is a great augment for getting into the new circle when it forms. Helping you heal up, you can move into a good spot before figuring out how to fill up the rest of your shields. Water becomes a much more viable travel solution now.

Game Time is a great augment if you're in a team and you all need to heal. Chug Splash can be used to heal multiple people at the same time, so it can be particularly good near the end of a game. You can intentionally not use your augment so you have this ready to go when you need it.

Go For Broke is a nice starting augment as it gives you two powerful weapons. These can be shared with a team if needed.

Rail Warrior is a good augment if you have dropped into Mega City. This can make you pretty deadly if you know how to kill people while on rails. You will find ziplines throughout the map, but it is best used to grind.

Springtime Blowout is particularly good in build modes, as it's an excellent way to take down structures. It can also help you finish the weekly challenges.

Now that you know how the new augments work, you may be looking for more information on the game. If so, here's how to gather laid eggs in Fortnite and everything we know about the Fortnite first person mode.

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