How to complete Star Wars Find the Force quests in Fortnite

Fortnite Star Wars crossover showing Anakin and Padme
May 16, 2023: More Fortnite Find the Force quests have been added, so we updated our list below!

The Fornite Find the Force quests are finally live in time for Star Wars Day, May 4. If you manage to finish them all, you will get exclusive back blings, harvesting tools, and even Darth Maul.

Down below, we'll summarise the Fortnite Star Wars Find the Force quests - from performing feats with new weapons to completing little side-missions. You'll even get a chunk of XP just for damaging enemies with the iconic DC-15 Blaster Rifle, so expect a lot of familiar Star Wars sound effects to be ringing out across the island for the next few weeks.

Fortnite Star Wars Find the Force Quests

The Fortnite Star Wars May 4th quests didn't actually go live on May 4. Instead, they went live on the morning of May 2.

The Fortnite Find the Force quests are:

  • Land during Find the Force 5 times
  • Learn Force abilities at Rift Gates in 3 different matches
  • Search a Republic chest
  • Hire a character
  • Damage an enemy player that is wielding a lightsaber or DC-15 Blaster
  • Destroy 50 objects with Force abilities or a Star Wars weapon
  • Collect 250 ammo at named locations
  • Launch 2 Kinetic Ores with a Star Wars weapon
  • Travel distance on foot at night (500 metres)
  • Travel distance in vehicles (1,338 metres)
  • Survive 25 storm phases
  • Travel distance while sprinting (1,000 metres)

A week later, new quests were added under the title Begun The Clone Wars Have. Check them out below:

  • Visit three Clone Trooper checkpoints
  • Obtain a DC-15 Blaster in three different matches
  • Force Jump onto or off a grind rail
  • Travel 200 metres on grind rails
  • Complete or evade two Bounties
  • Get 30 air time in a vehicle
  • Drive 327 metres on a motorcycle
  • Use a Force ability against a vehicle
  • Knock down a Timber Pine with a Force ability or lightsaber
  • Visit nine named locations
  • Damage enemy players with a DC-15 Blaster or assault rifle
  • Use five Force abilities against opponents

Next up, we've had a bunch of quests under the title Fall of the Republic. Here they are:

  • Help defeat Darth Vader
  • Eliminate Clone Troopers
  • Survive Storm Circles while carrying a Star Wars weapon
  • Damage an opponent within 30 seconds of landing from the Battle Bus
  • Slide distance with a lightsaber or DC-15 Blaster equipped
  • Deal damage to opponents while sliding or crouched
  • Visit Landmarks in different matches
  • Use Ascenders or Ziplines at night
  • Deal damage to opponents from above
  • Eliminate enemy players in a single match
  • Damage opponents with a lightsaber or melee weapon
  • Damage enemy players within 10 meters

Tips for completing the Fortnite Find the Force challenges

While most of them are nice and easy, the weapon focused ones are a little tougher.

Luckily, when you hover over the republic chest quest, it will show you where they are located around the map. You just have to ping the closest one to the battle bus and go find it. Unfortunately, other players can also see this so it may be a bit of challenge as you land.

Rey and other Star Wars characters in Fortnite.
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This is only the first week of quests. We expect more to pop up over the next few weeks. So far, a batch under the banner of 'Begun the Clone Wars Have' will arrive on May 8!

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