How to get Deku in Fortnite - Release date, cost, and more

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Deku powering up a special move in Fortnite.
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Need the details on how to get Deku in Fortnite? The hit game has collaborated with many of the world's biggest anime over the years. As such, it was only a matter of time until a big crossover with My Hero Academia would happen. If you're playing the game and wondering how to snag the Doku skin, you're in luck.

In this Fortnite guide, we go over when we think Deku will be coming to Fortnite, how we think you can earn him, and everything else we can piece together. Unfortunately, with the newest season just arriving, we're still using quite a lot of speculation here. We'll update you as more information comes out.


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When is the Fortnite Deku skin release date?

We don't yet have the release date for the Fortnite Deku skin. It will come out during the current season of Fortnite, but that could be at any point over the next few months, up until February. We know that big updates tend to come out every Tuesday with new challenges and small tweaks, so it seems likely it will come out on a Tuesday.

We also don't yet have the release time, but it could coincide with big updates on a Tuesday, meaning the server may briefly go down and back up with all the new skins, bundles and more. As we get further along, we'll let you know when we'll see the new Deku skin.


Based on recent teases from Epic Games, the Deku skin could be arriving on December 16, 2022. That's when the Fear Not event is set to start, which has already been confirmed as the MHA event. Therefore, the wait for a Deku skin could be ending soon!

How do I get the Fortnite Deku skin?

As it's not here yet, we'll have to guess how to get the Fortnite Deku skin. That being said, we can go off past skins to figure out how we might get it this time.


First, it could be attached to the season pass in some way. By doing enough challenges or progressing through it quickly enough, you might unlock the skin at some point. In the same vein, it could be a reward for completing specific challenges in a time frame.

Sometimes, the Fortnite team also put up cups and tournaments that you can earn rewards in by getting a certain amount of kills and wins within a time frame. This means you could unlock the skin as a reward by playing the game at the right time for a few hours and doing very well. You could earn this by yourself or as part of a team.

Finally, you can generally get most skins by going to the Item Shop and buying them. This seems like it could be the case for Deku. We'll have to wait and see!


How much is Deku in Fortnite?

Though we don't have a confirmed price yet, we can expect Deku by himself to be around 1,500 V-Bucks mark. As well as this, you will likely be given the option to buy a Deku bundle for around 2,000 V-Bucks, coming with some nice extras like sprays and emotes. You should start saving those V-Bucks.

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