Final Fantasy 16 photo mode - Is there one and how to use it

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Clive in Final Fantasy 16.
June 23, 2023 - Here's everything we know about Final Fantasy 16 photo mode.

Dedicated photo modes have become a mainstay in modern games in the past five years or so, and you'll be glad to know that the Final Fantasy 16 photo mode doesn't hold back. Where the last numbered entry in the series had the AI character Prompto secretly take impressive shots in the midst of battle, Final Fantasy 16 gives you control over the camera at a moment's notice.

For most, the Final Fantasy 16 photo mode will be reason enough to compose and snap shots from within the game's engine to share on social media. The omission of a dedicated photo mode will never stop players from grabbing screenshots to share on their socials. Final Fantasy 15 managed that without giving us control over the snaps, but games like A Plague Tale ushered in the idea of letting us control the composition and lighting, freezing a frame that some other games then let you advance in real time.

Is there a Photo Mode in Final Fantasy 16?

Just like Final Fantasy 14, and almost like the game that followed, Final Fantasy 16 includes a robust Photo Mode for you to tinker around with. Like most these days, it allows you to immediately freeze the moment and unlock the camera, giving you full control over where you position it to line up the perfect shot.

With it, you can grab moments entirely like those you'll see in the game's real-time cutscenes; like when summoning an Eikon or letting loose a powerful attack. Better yet, you can use it when you're moseying about in the overworld, snapping shots of everyday activities, people, creatures, or just the environment.

Photos are then saved to your PS5's storage directory of choice. So whether you pull them off via a USB stick to edit on your phone, tablet, or PC, or just upload them as-is from your console to your social feed, you'll always get a custom visual that's both uniquely yours and likely not far off what the team could have tossed into a trailer.

Clive in Final Fantasy 16 using a powerful ability.
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How to use Photo Mode in Final Fantasy 16

You'll find the Final Fantasy 16 Photo Mode nestled within the Attributes menu. Just push the buttons until you arrive there, and activate it to freeze time, giving you absolute control over where you point the camera for the perfect shot.


Zoom in for a close-up, pull back for a wide-angle shot of the action or sky, and mess around with filters to get that perfectly bright and airy shot of Torgal not being a vicious attack dog for a change. And no Final Fantasy game would be complete without endless shots of Moogles filling up your photo album. Just don't replicate the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Korok bullying. The Moogles really don't deserve it.

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