Final Fantasy 16 day one patch notes

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Final fantasy 16 day one patch
Credit: Square Enix

Like many other AAA titles, Final Fantasy 16 has a day one patch that will provide fixes for certain performance issues, making the game more stable on either Performance or Quality.

While the game is massive in terms of install size, it seems the day one patch for Final Fantasy 16 isn't as big as initially thought, a great sign for those that were looking to pre-load FF16.

Final Fantasy 16 does demand a lot from the PlayStation 5, which is why Square Enix decided not to launch a PS4 version, and while you don't need the day one patch to run the game, it's highly recommended that you install it as well.

Final Fantasy 16 day one patch - Full update

Final fantasy 16 day one update
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Credit: Square Enix
FF16 comes with a helpful day one patch

Announced during the pre-release launch stream by game producer Naoki Yoshida, also known as Yoshi-P, the Final Fantasy 16 day one patch will be available for both digital and physical versions of the game.

The idea, initially, was that FF16 wouldn't need a day one update, with Square Enix promising the game would launch in almost perfect conditions; sadly that wasn't the case.

Yoshi-P confirmed the day one patch and apologized to fans, promising it's only aimed at fixing minor issues, adding that you can launch and enjoy Final Fantasy 16 without it.

If you have the digital version and you’ve already downloaded on the system and if your PS5 is hooked up to the internet, it will download this automatically, and it will be ready for day one so people will be ready to play as soon as the game unlocks. Even if you don’t get the update, you will still be able to play the base game. This is a quick patch, so it’s not necessary to actually play the game. So those of you who don’t have an internet connection, and maybe can’t get it in time, you will still be able to play the game

So what exactly does the Final Fantasy 16 day-one patch fix? Check the list down below:

  • Fix a control flag issue that can make progress impossible under very specific circumstances.
  • Fix an issue wherein the game close unexpectedly under very specific circumstances.
  • Optimize performance in several places
  • Fix some minor text errors

Sadly, this patch does not add the option to toggle motion blur on or off in FF16, with that feature coming in a future update.

Final Fantasy day one update - How big is it?

The Final Fantasy 16 day-one update will only add 300 MB to the main download size, which is already over 90 GB. As Yoshi-P mentioned, if you're a digital user and have already preloaded the game, you might have the patch already installed.


If you're waiting on your physical copy, you can get the update as soon as you download the game from the disc. Alternatively, you can opt not to download it at the cost of minor performance issues.

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