What is the Final Fantasy 16 install size?

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final fantasy 16 install size
Credit: Square Enix

Despite not being an open-world game, the Final Fantasy 16 install size will take up a decent amount of space in your PS5 storage, and that's not even considering the day-one patch included.

Square Enix has given fans the ability to preload Final Fantasy 16, a much-needed option since one of the perks of buying a game digitally is avoiding the hassle of waiting for your physical copy to arrive and then downloading all the necessary updates and day-one patches regardless.

But how much space will you need to get Final Fantasy 16 up and running in your PS5? Time to find out.

Final Fantasy 16 install size

final fantasy 16 install size
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Credit: Square Enix
Final Fantasy 16 is a massive game

Now that the game is ready for preload, fans have discovered that the Final Fantasy 16 install size is 90.131 GB. This is for the 1.000.002 version of the game and is slightly smaller than a previously reported number, which was 90.180 GB.

While Square Enix confirmed players would be able to download a day one update that could fix some performance issues, it remains to be seen if it's included in the install size provided above. Otherwise, the final number could very well reach above 100 GB.

According to the Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, a reliable source for PlayStation fans when it comes to game file sizes (as the name implies), the initial download, without taking into account any potential day-one patch, makes Final Fantasy 16 the second biggest game of 2023, behind one EA's Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, which required a whopping 148 GB of free space to be installed.

The reason for the massive install size is probably due to Square Enix's commitment to pushing the PS5 hardware to the max, as the game features both Performance and Quality modes.

In Performance mode, the game hits 60fps with the resolution set at 1440p. On Quality mode, the game reaches 2160p, or 4k, at the cost of running at 30fps.

According to the tech experts at Digital Foundry, the game sometimes suffers to maintain the targeted fps and resolution in both modes, but for the most part, it's a bug-free experience all Final Fantasy 16 fans will love.


Now you know how much space you'll need to free up on your PlayStation 5 if you want to join Clive Rosfield in his epic journey throughout Valisthea.

We will have plenty more content, guides, and news coming your way; in the meantime, check out our Final Fantasy 16 review to see what we think of Square Enix's most recent entry in the iconic gaming franchise.

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