How to get Morbol Flower in Final Fantasy 16

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Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy 16

If you're wondering how to get Morbol Flower in Final Fantasy 16, this means you definitely want to craft The Sons of Ouroboros, one of the strongest items in the game. Morbol Flower, like all the other ingredients for crafting the best things in FF16, can only be obtained by hunting Notorious Marks scattered throughout the game world.

In this guide, we'll show you the Morbol Flower location so that you can try Vambraces as soon as possible, as well as a list of other resources you need to have for it!

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Where to find Morbol Flower in Final Fantasy 16

The Whispering Waters location in Final Fantasy 16
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In order to get Morbol Flower, you need to finish Carrot Hunt Board notorious mark. Carrot is located in the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. More precisely, you need the location called The Whispering Waters. The fastest way to get there is to fast travel to the Three Reeds obelisk and then use your Chocobo. After that, you need to kill the boss.

How to beat Carrot

It is a B-rank hunt, so you are likely to not have any difficulties fighting this boss. In fact, Carrot is very similar to Morbol, whom you defeated at the beginning of the game. This creature just has more HP, while their damage is the same.

When fighting this boss, just try your best to avoid getting into the Black Goo and Bad Breath since they deal a ton of damage. Also, be careful of the tentacles that regularly appear in the water. Other than that, deal as much damage as possible between the monster's attacks.

After it loses half of its HP, it occasionally uses the Wild Rage move, which can deal some good damage, but it is simple to dodge. Also, after this move, you will get a few seconds to execute your combos.

How to use Morbol Flower in Final Fantasy 16


There is only one way to use this item, and it is to make The Sons of Ouroboros. Besides the Flower, you will need the following materials:

After you have gathered all the necessary items, go to the Blacksmith NPC, which can be found in the hideout. Enjoy your brand-new Vambraces and good luck! And while you are still here, make sure to check out our guide on how to increase your weapon level in Final Fantasy 16.

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