How to get more potions in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 potions

Final Fantasy 16 potions

Looking into how to get more potions in Final Fantasy 16? If you're struggling in some longer fights, where you're taking too much damage for your potion reserves to see you through, you'll be glad to know you can get more potions to hold at once, make those potions stronger, and replenish them when needed, too.

Final Fantasy 16 is filled to the brim with challenging boss battles that will test your skills. If you're no good at evading enemy attacks or can't quite get the timing down to parry and block incoming damage, you'll be relying on potions to patch your wounds. But once you run out, you're in trouble. Here's what to do.

How to get more potions in Final Fantasy 16

To increase your potion capacity in Final Fantasy 16, you'll need to complete more than a few sidequests. Each one increases how many potions you can carry at one time.

While you don't need to complete every quest if you only need a couple more potions, we'd say it's always better to be safe than sorry. If you see the quest, just pick it up. It won't take long to complete, and the rewards may just make the difference in your next fight.

  • Weird Science - Two additional Potions and one additional High Potion. (appears after the Letting Off Steam III story quest)
  • Even Weirder Science - Two additional Potions and one additional High Potion. (appears after the Across the Narrow main story quest)

As you can see, increasing potion capacity is tied to the Weird Science questline. If you take on the first as soon as it unlocks, you won't see the follow-up until you're quite a bit further through the main story. If you're already nearing the end, however, you'll be able to complete one quest after the other. You'll find these in the Hideaway. Just look for the "+" quest icons.

Additionally, completing these quests will increase what you can carry in your consumables tab. That means the bonuses apply to any Tonics you typically bring into battle as well, making it easy to keep a steady supply of Strength, Stoneskin, and Lionheart Tonics.

If you just need to replenish your used potions, you can do this at just about any vendor you find on your travels. Better yet, if you happen to fall in battle, you'll be able to continue from a checkpoint with a set number of Potions and High Potions added back into your inventory.

For more Final Fantasy 16 tips and tricks, you should look into the Timely Accessories. You're given these very early into the game, and they're a great way to tailor the difficulty to your liking. If you're struggling with a lack of potions, equipping one, two, or three of these could see you through to the unlock quests.

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