Final Fantasy 16 Timely Accessories explained

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Final Fantasy 16 clive

Wondering what the Final Fantasy 16 Timely Accessories do? Final Fantasy 16 uses a real-time action combat system like many other big releases of the last decade or so. Moving on from the turn-based battles that popularized the series, the shift is divisive for long-term fans and those who yearn for that slow and steady experience. But there's a way to get some of that back - by using the Final Fantasy 16 Timely Accessories.

All Final Fantasy 16 Timely Accessories explained

The Timely Accessories in Final Fantasy 16 aim to be a bridge between the game's two default difficulty settings. If you need something between how the two change up the experience, you can equip any three of the items below to automate parts of the combat experience that you may find difficult, detrimental to your experience, or downright impossible due to any sort of disability.

Ring of Timely Strikes

This ring attempts to remove complicated combo actions from the mix. Rather than pressing multiple buttons in a pinch to execute powerful combos and counterattacks, a simple tap of Square will intelligently execute combos like interweaving between melee and magic attacks.

Ring of Timely Focus

Struggling to tap the dodge button in time? Can't see what's lunging from behind? The Ring of Timely Focus will slow time down as these attacks close in on you, giving you an easy visual reference for tapping R1 to dodge.

Ring of Timely Evasion

You can take the last ring further with the Ring of Timely Evasion. This one takes away any need for manual input. If an attack can be dodged, you'll pull it off automatically with this ring equipped.

Ring of Timely Healing

If you can't quite remember to (or reach for) your potions, the Ring of Timely Healing will take the task off you. This ring automatically chugs potions whenever Clive drops below a certain HP value.

Ring of Timely Assistance

Once you're reunited with Torgal, the Ring of Timely Assistance can be equipped to give the beast more free will. He'll assist in any attacks and execute his typical manual actions automatically, freeing up the need to cycle between the Torgal and Item selection tabs in the middle of a brawl.

The list of Timely Accessories in Final Fantasy 16.
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Do Timely Accessories affect achievements?

In an indirect sense, yes. Because Timely Accessories will automatically reduce your score in things like Arcade Mode, the more you equip, the harder you'll need to work to hit certain prize points in these challenges.

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