Final Fantasy 16 graphics vs performance mode - Which is the best?

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Clive and Torgal in Final Fantasy 16

If you're wondering what you should pick between the Final Fantasy 16 graphics mode or performance mode, there are a few things you should consider. Being a game that looks great but also has great combat, you likely have to decide8 which one is more important to you. You can read a little more about both in our Final Fantasy 16 review.

In this guide, we'll go over both modes in Final Fantasy 16, why it is worth trying out both, and which we recommend for the best experience. If you are finding the game dropping frames or have just started it, this should help you out.

How to change to performance mode in Final Fantasy 16

If you want to change your mode in Final Fantasy 16, you can do so via the system menu at any point. Go across to "Graphic Settings", where you will find "Screen Brightness" and "Game Performance".

Click on "Game Performance" and you can swap from "Graphics" to "Frame Rate" at any moment.

Final Fantasy 16 performance mode
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Final Fantasy 16 graphics vs performance mode - what is the best?

Changing your performance mode in Final Fantasy 16 will prioritise one of two things: graphics or frame rate. If you choose graphics, the game will look a bit better at the expense of a lower frame rate.

If you choose frame rate, the game will be much smoother at the expense of the graphics. Generally speaking, Final Fantasy 16 is a great-looking game either way. For this reason, we recommend choosing the "Frame Rate" option, to make boss fights a little smoother and decrease the chance of your PlayStation 5 overheating, as some players have noted. Either way, the game performs well so it isn't a huge choice, but a better frame rate is a bit more consistent.


This all being said, you can change it at any moment so you are encouraged to try them out for yourself.

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