How to increase Stagger percentage in Final Fantasy 16

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Clive, Jill, and Torgal in Final Fantasy 16

Learning how to increase Stagger percentage in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the best ways of taking bosses down quickly. Being a key mechanic in balancing the tougher fights, you want to learn how to Stagger an enemy as quickly as possible. Not only can you focus on it by hitting the right parts, but certain moves will get the most out of your fights.

In this guide, we'll teach you how the Stagger system works, how to Stagger enemies fast, and ways to get bosses down as soon as possible. This will make the tougher fights much easier.

How to increase Stagger percentage in Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, you can only increase the Stagger bar on enemies that have one. Generally, these are either bosses or minibosses - enemies that will take you a little while to take down. For this reason, you won't be able to Stagger standard enemies.

Enemies that can be staggered will have a small yellow bar under their name. You can get that bar to tick down by hitting them. When it hits the middle of the bar, the enemy will be staggered for a second, giving you the opportunity to do a bit of a extra damage. Then, get it all the way down to the bottom to activate the Stagger.

Stagger bar in Final Fantasy 16
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How to Stagger fast in Final Fantasy 16

When you manage to get your enemy to the halfway point of the Stagger, use that small Stagger to load up a move that takes a while to activate, like Windup, where you have to wait for it to hit full power. This is also a great time to use Gauge, an ability that hits many times in a row, stacking Stagger. Though not great against non-Stagger enemies, this is one of the best abilities in the game for ticking down the Stagger bar.

Giving you health restoration and extra damage, Limit Break is an excellent choice for what to do when an enemy is Staggered. This will allow you to restore your HP and do tonnes of damage in one swing, giving you time to wait for your abilities to cool down.


Generally, you will have to Stagger an enemy multiple times in one combat encounter to finish it off. This means you can start to use Gouge as they are getting up from Stagger, and you will do a tonne of Stagger damage before it can even move. This chains multiple Stagger states together quickly.

Staggering enemies is a great way of making tougher fights just a little easier. If you're looking for a little more information on the game, check out the best abilities in Final Fantasy 16, Final Fantasy 16 Blacksmith's Blues quest, and how to Limit Break in Final Fantasy 16.

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