How to increase weapon level in Final Fantasy 16

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Clive in the middle of combat in Final Fantasy 16.

Need to know how to increase weapon level in Final Fantasy 16? If you want to cut through enemies with your favourite blade, upgrading your sword is a must. You'll come across a thin variety of alternate weapons throughout your romp through Valisthea, but you're welcome to settle on one by keeping up polished to a high standard. Here's how to go about it.

In Final Fantasy 16, Clive begins the story with little more than a wooden training sword. Shortly after he wins the respect of his training instructor, he heads off toward battle with his sword, Invictus, sheathed on his back. It's a blade that's Clive's version of Cloud's iconic Buster Blade - a weapon you might not want to see him without. And there's a way to make that possibility a reality.

How to increase weapon level in Final Fantasy 16

To keep using your favourite weapon throughout your time playing Final Fantasy 16, you'll need to know how to upgrade weapon levels. By doing this, you'll be able to have your old and tired weapon keep up with the increasingly more powerful (and durable) enemies keeping you from fulfilling your revenge mission across Valisthea.

To upgrade your weapon, you just need to visit the Blacksmith. Once you're far enough through the story, you'll invite the craftsman back to your Hideaway, making it a one-stop shop for honing your weapon of choice. On top of being able to craft wholly new weapons to use in battle, the Blacksmith can, with the right materials and Gil, upgrade a weapon in your possession as well.

Just a heads up that completing quests like Blacksmith's Blues won't change the level of your weapon. These quests unlock new weapons to craft at the Blacksmith that you could then upgrade from there, but they won't unlock any new upgrade paths for weapons currently already available to you.

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