How to find and beat the Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16

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The Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16

You can encounter many dangerous foes in the world of Valisthea, but one of the trickier boss battles comes from the hunt board. Here's how to find and beat the Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16. These opponents aren’t too strong, but you still need to be careful. They just like to overwhelm you by grouping up and swinging axes that are nearly as big as their already impressively large bodies.

They have a special move that deals significant damage to your character, and we will tell you how it works. So, let’s find out how to beat the Mageth Brothers and where you can encounter them. After that, we'll cover why you might want to do so. The rewards for the fight are quite generous.

Where to find the Mageth Brothers location in Final Fantasy 16

The Mageth Brothers are Rank A monsters that you can find near Port Isolde. Use the Obelisk marked on this map to get quickly reach their location.

Obelisk in Final Fantasy 16
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The brothers can be found on the coast near the port. The exact location is marked on the map:

The brothers location in Final Fantasy 16
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They should be easy to find, as it’s hard to miss three big guys with giant axes. Now let’s talk about your strategy to beat them.

How to beat the Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16

The Mageth Brothers are slow and can only use their axes. To build up their stagger gauges at the same time, we recommend using area attacks to break them down simultaneously.

You can combine Phoenix, Ramuh, and Titan to strike them all. The first two will provide you with good area moves like Flames of Rebirth or Lightning Rod, while Titan will give you access to nice defensive abilities.

However, taking out the brothers one by one is also a good strategy. Bahamut would be a good choice for such a fighting style. This Eikon provides your character with some powerful moves that deal decent single-target damage. Just be careful and make sure you can see all the Mageth Brothers.

The most problematic part of this fight is the charge attack of the boss. When they perform this move, they charge at your character together. It is really hard to avoid all three brothers. Stay away from them when you see them lower their axes and get ready to dodge.

What rewards can you get for defeating the Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16?

As with other Hunt Board quests, you can receive two rewards for completing the Mageth Brothers task. One of them can be obtained for defeating these bosses, and here it is:

  • x5,100 EXP
  • x90 Ability Points
  • x2 Meteorites

There is also a reward that you will get after you complete this Hunt Board task. It includes the following items and resources:

  • x13,000 Gil
  • x30 Renown

The Mageth Brothers are not the toughest boss. The key to beating them is simply to control them. Always look for a position where you can see all three opponents and what they are doing, unless you're particularly aware of the off-screen attack markers or rocking Timely Accessories. Need a bit more help? Get more potions. You know what they say: "The more the healthier."

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