Final Fantasy 16 - All Eikonic Feats and what they do

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FF16 Eikonic Feats
Credit: square enix

Final Fantasy 16 offers a wide variety of options to spice combat, with Eikonic Feats being one of the most important ones, as they give Clive, the main protagonist, outstanding abilities and buffs in battle.

In case you didn't know, in FF16, the franchise staple summons are called Eikons, behemoths that duke it out in spectacular fashion with a sense of scale rarely seen in the series before.

As you progress through the story, Clive will gain access to many Eikonic abilities, including Eikonic Feats, which are in a league of their own in terms of utility and power. Let's list every Eikonic Feat available in Final Fantasy 16.

Eikonic Feats in Final Fantasy 16 explained

Final Fantasy 16 eikonic abilities
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Credit: Square Enix
Eikonic Feats are key to combat in FF16

Eikonic Feats are signature abilities Clive can inherit from an Eikon. Clive can equip a total of three Eikonic Feats at any point during the game, with two more Eikonic abilities from that same beast to complement it, letting you mix and match what you think goes best with your combat style.

So in total, you can have nine different feats/abilities at any given time.

If you want to equip an Eikonic Feat from a different Eikon, you'll need to switch your Eikonic abilities as well. That is unless you've reached Mastery with that Eikon, in which case you will be able to fully equip an Eikonic Feat without switching the abilities, unlocking even more potential to create impressive builds.

Here is a list of all Eikonic Feats currently available in Final Fantasy 16.

Eikon Name Eikonic Feat
PhoenixPhoenix Shift: Use the blessing of the Phoenix to close the gap between a target. Both melee attacks and magicked shots can be dealt while shifting
GarudaDeadly Embrace: Send a grappling claw out to grab an enemy and pull it toward Clive. Grappling heavier enemies will launch Clive into the air
TitanTitan Block: Block enemy attacks. When a guard is timed perfectly, the attack button can be used to launch up to three counterattacks
ShivaCold Snap: A special dodge. Temporarily leaves a trail of ice on the ground. A perfect dodge does a cape swing and freezes all enemies in the surrounding area
RamuhBlind Justice: Enter a state where Clive will aim at enemies and lock on to them. Pressing the same button again will fire multiple bolts of electricity at the targeted enemies. The longer you lock on the more powerful the barrage will become

There are still some Eikonic Feats we don't know much about, including Bahamut's Wings of Light, Odin's Arm of Darkness, or Ifrit's Wildfire. However, as soon as we get more information, we'll update this article accordingly.

As you can see, Eikonic Feats aren't reliant on raw power but give you the option to pull off insane combinations that will let you extend combos and do some serious damage alongside your selected Eikonic abilities.


The early hours will see you start with very few of these Eikonic Feats and abilities. Still, as you progress, you'll be able to experience Final Fantasy 16's combat to the fullest, which according to former Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon's Dogma combat director Ryota Suzuki, is his masterpiece.

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