How to find and beat the Flan Prince in Final Fantasy 16

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Flan Prince in Final Fantasy 16

The Hunt Board feature allows you to get various tasks to track down and defeat certain powerful enemies. Learning how to find and beat the Flan Prince in Final Fantasy 16 can get you a couple of high-tier rewards like Gelatinous Mass, making it a fight worth seeking out.

This is a Rank A creature and you should expect a tough fight. But don’t worry, we're here with a full description of Flan Prince’s moveset and a few pointers as to how to exploit its easily-avoidable attacks. Read on to find how to find it elusive blob, how to defeat it, and what you'll get for completing the task.

Where is the Flan Prince location in Final Fantasy 16?

Of course, before you can fight the Final Fantasy 16 Flan Prince, you first need to find it. It's not as simple as the Mageth Brothers.

In the description of the Hunt Board task, you'll note that the monster was last encountered south of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. That's a big region. To make headway, we suggest you travel to one of the two Obelisks below.

Two Obelisks in Final Fantasy 16
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After that, head to the location marked on this map:T The Flan Prince should spawn around this area. Just run around in the general vicinity until it makes itself know.

Flan Prince location in Final Fantasy 16
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Before the Flan Prince shows up, take the time to prepare. We've made a few notes and suggestions below to help you out.

How to beat Flan Prince in Final Fantasy 16

The FF16 Flan Prince is a boss that mixes some common attacks with a couple of unique moves. Here’s a list of these moves and tips on how to deal with the most problematic ones:

  • Tornado
  • Firaga
  • Blizzaga
  • Stonega
  • Leap Attack
    • A long leap that the boss tends to use after one of the elemental attacks. Easy to dodge or block.
  • Smash Attack
    • A powerful melee combo Flan Prince uses its myriad arms to pull off. Look out for this one and dodge appropriately. Getting hit by one will make dodging the rest very difficult.
  • Standard Attack
    • Get too close and Flan Prince will try to grab you with its arms in an effort to attack you with its mouth as well. You can bait this to get some rear attacks in.

As for strategy, we recommend that you dance around the boss and only unleash your attacks after you dodge the moves of Flan Prince. Titanic Block should be useful if you have trouble avoiding and aren't using Timely Accessories. Flan Prince likes to spam light attacks, and the blocking feature will give you a huge advantage in this fight.

What are the Flan Prince rewards in Final Fantasy 16?

There are two different rewards that you can receive for this task. The first one you get for defeating Flan Prince itself, which is different to the rewards you get for actually completing the task to do so:

Flan Prince drops

  • x5,200 EXP
  • x95 Ability Points
  • x1 Gelatinous Mass

The second reward can be obtained for completing this task. Here’s a list of things you can get this way:

Flan Prince hunt rewards

  • x12,000 Gil
  • x30 Renown

Flan Prince is not that difficult, but it can cause problems if you are under-leveled or not great at evading attacks. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to use Active Time Lore in Final Fantasy 16, how to get Morbol Flower in Final Fantasy 16. We also have a guide on how to get Orichalcum in Final Fantasy 16.

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