How to equip abilities in Final Fantasy 16

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Final Fantasy 16 Clive holding sword

There are over 50 abilities in Clive's arsenal by the end of the game, but learning how to equip abilities in Final Fantasy 16 can get confusing. There are tonnes of combinations to try out, and you can take your time experimenting with, and mastering, each ability. It can be a bit overwhelming, but we're going to do our best to explain some of the intricacies.

The method on how to equip abilities in Final Fantasy 16 is pretty simple, but the wrong assumed button press can make it seem more complicated than it really is. So before you spend points on abilities you don't know how to equip, here's how to set them to your palette.

How to equip abilities in Final Fantasy 16

You can equip abilities in Final Fantasy 16 using the Gear and Eikons tab. To open it up, press the options buttons and navigate to your Gear Tab.

In the Eikons sections, navigate to the ability slot that you want to use and press X. A list of available Eikons and abilities will pop up. Select any one of these using X.

You can also swap between individual Eikon abilities, which simplifies this process. At the start, you're only able to equip one main Eikon ability and two secondary combat abilities. As the game goes on, you'll be able to equip more Eikons and unlock new abilities. Be sure to check out our full list of abilities in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 abilities tab with reset ability button
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If you are not satisfied with the way you've ended up spending your ability points, there's no need to worry. Final Fantasy 16 has a very simple reset mechanic that refunds all of your ability points and allows you to swap up your build quickly.

Feel free to do this as many times as you want if there's a specific combat style you want to try or if some new ability catches your eye until you have an ability loadout that suits your style.

That's all you need to know about how to equip abilities in Final Fantasy 16. For more guides be sure to check out the best build and romance options in Final Fantasy 16. And be sure to check out how to unlock Scarletite and how to get Darksteel, a very powerful weapon that will make your adventure easier.

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