How to reset abilities in Final Fantasy 16

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A screenshot of Final Fantasy 16 showing the character menu with the option to reset abilities highlighted.

Despite being an RPG, Final Fantasy 16 has far fewer traditional RPG systems than most other games in the franchise. One thing that has stuck around, however, is skill trees. And once you know how to reset abilities in Final Fantasy 16, you'll be on your way to creating, tweaking, and finalizing the build that works for you.

Final Fantasy 16 uses a real-time action combat system, but you're free to change how you tackle each battle by unlocking, upgrading, and mastering new skills to complete your combos. Each one costs points to learn, but you're able to unlearn and reset them to recoup points to spend on skills that may perform better in particular fights.

How to reset abilities in Final Fantasy 16

You don't need to do anything special to reset your abilities in Final Fantasy 16. It isn't treated like an MMO, blocking character resets behind increasingly expensive costs to facilitate some kind of in-game economy.

You're free to reset your abilities either in one go or individually. And you can do it anytime without shelling out Gil or using up a rare item. So long as you're not in combat and are free to access the main character menu, you're able to reset and refund your abilities, freeing up points to unlock, upgrade, and master only the ones you use the most.

The ability menu in Final Fantasy 16.
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To reset your skills in Final Fantasy 16, open up the menu, slide over to the Abilities tab, and hold the touchpad on your PS5 controller. This will refund the entire skill tree, so you'll need to relearn and update every skill again, but it's all we've got. With the points you recoup, you can spend them to unlock a major skill earlier by refunding one you don't use all too often.

It's a great way to unlearn some to master those you use the most as well. It doesn't cost anything and is easily reversible the same way. Just make sure to equip any skills that need it.

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