How to complete Moving Heaven and Earth quest in Final Fantasy 16

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Moving Heaven and Earth Final Fantasy 16 quest guide
Credit: Square ENIX

Final Fantasy 16 has finally arrived, giving players dozens of hours' worth of content with a gripping story and even more engaging combat. If you've just started your journey across Valisthea, chances are you've run into the Moving Heaven and Earth side quest.

If you're on the hunt and looking to farm some XP and earn useful items early on in the game, completing this quest is worth your time. At this point in FF16, other side quests are small tasks that can be completed within the Hideaway, Clive's main social space, however, Moving Heaven and Earth is a tad more involved.

So let's walk you through the Moving Heaven and Earth side quest in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Moving Heaven and Earth quest guide

The first time you head to the Hideaway, you won't spot this side quest, in order to get access to it you need to reach The Hunter and the Hunted main quest.

Once you've reached this point, head to the northern side of the Hideaway, where you'll need to talk to Bohumil, the Chief Botanist at the Hideaway, who will hand you the quest.

Moving Heaven and Earth side quest Final Fantasy 16 location
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Credit: Square Enix
You'll find Bohumil in the sport marked here

Step 1: Find Bohumil's assistant

Bohumil will tell you that his assistant went to gather soil and hasn't been seen since. She was last seen in Gaultand's Bales, on the outskirts of Lost Wings.

To find her, travel to Orabelle Downs using fast travel. As soon as you spawn, you will see a green marker; make your way to it to find a screaming woman pleading for help as she's been attacked by a couple of Lv. 19 Vine Spinner's.

orabelle downs fast travel point
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Credit: Square Enix
The side quest will be marked on your world map

Slaying the beasts will give you the following rewards:

  • Valley Madder (2)
  • Sharp Fang (4)

Step 2: Collect vineyard soil samples

Once you rescue Martelle, Bohumil's assistant, she'll tell Clive she still needs to pick up some rich, dark, and fragrant soil samples from the vineyard.

Clive offers to pick those up himself, letting Martelle return to the Hideaway and rest up. This is pretty simple, simply explore the vineyard surrounding the area until you pick up four pieces of soil.

Final Fantasy 16 vineyard soil
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Credit: Square Enix
The pieces of soil you need to pick up will show up on your screen

Step 3: Give Bohumil the soil samples

Once you've completed the busy work of collecting the vineyard soil samples, head back to the Hideaway and find Bohumil. Simply give him the soil samples to complete the quest.

Final Fantasy 16 Moving Heaven and Earth quest rewards


The rewards for completing the quest are as follows:

  • Valley Madder (10)
  • Sharp Fang (20)
  • Bloody Hide (30)

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