Final Fantasy 16 abilities list - All basic and Eikon skills

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A screenshot showcasing the vibrant and diverse abilities in Final Fantasy 16, including elemental skills and powerful Eikon abilities.

Final Fantasy 16 uses a real-time action combat system, requiring quick thinking and even quicker reactions to master properly. Though you'll start off with a reason to use every button in a battle, the Final Fantasy 16 abilities list is padded out over time with additional skills you unlock as you play, level up, and gain new powers.

Though you'll see all of these in-game at one point or another, knowing them ahead of time can give you a reason to keep pushing ahead for the unlocks or teach you how to weave them into your combos before you even get them.

We'll break down the base skills you'll start with and the manual actions you can unlock and upgrade before moving on to the abilities each unlockable Eikon can offer to Clive's arsenal in no particular order to avoid spoilers.

Final Fantasy 16 abilities list - All basic and Eikon skills

Base skills

These are the skills Clive will be able to access regardless of the Eikons he has access to:

Precision Dodge Enables the use of counterattacks after dodging an incoming attack.
LungeAllows Clive to speed toward a distant enemy with a melee attack.
DownthrustAllows Clive to return to the ground by thrusting his blade into an enemy.
Burning BladeImbues Clive's blade with fire, increasing the damage of the next melee attack.
Swift RecoveryAllows Clive to bounce back quickly after taking a heavy hit by using the Dodge button.
StompAllows Clive to kick off an enemy to gain additional height after a jump.
Charged MagicCharges a magic attack, increasing the potency of the next cast.
Magic BurstExecuted at the end of a melee combo, Magic Burst delivers a potent blast with a knock-back.
TauntForces the enemy to focus its attacks on Clive.
Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16.
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Ifrit skills

Once you unlock the Ifrit Eikon, you'll gain the ability to learn and equip the following abilities:

Ignition Charge toward the enemy to deliver a series of knocking blows either on the ground or in mid-air.
Will-o'-the-WykesFireballs surround Clive, damaging enemies in melee range and absorbing incoming damage.

Garuda skills

Once you unlock Garuda, you'll gain the ability to learn and equip the following abilities:

Aerial Blast Calls forth a homing tornado that slowly approaches enemies, hitting multiple times and trapping them in the vortex.
Rook's GambitJump backward and deliver a powerful counter, dealing more damage if the jump evaded an attack.
GougeTwo large claws deal multiple hits to the target.
Wicked WheelLaunches nearby targets, dealing damage and opening them up to aerial attack combos.
Deadly EmbraceUses a large claw to pull a target toward Clive, launching him instead if the target is too big.

Shiva skills

With the Shiva Eikon, you'll gain the ability to learn and equip the following abilities:

Diamond Dust Freezes enemies around Clive, dealing heavy damage and knocking them back.
RimeTraps enemies in a pillar of ice, dealing consistent damage.
Ice AgeA stream of icicles knock targets back, dealing damage. Hold cast to deal more damage.
MesmerizeMultiple ice shards pull lighter targets toward Clive.
Cold SnapAllows Clive to slide along a fresh sheet of ice, freezing enemies he attacks in the process.
Odin in Final Fantasy 16.
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Odin skills

Once you unlock the Odin Eikon, you'll gain the ability to learn and equip the following abilities:

Dancing Steel Deal consistent combo damage with a second blade, rapidly filling the Zentetsuken gauge.
Rift SlipImmediately recover from any ability or action to chain another.
GungnirUse the Gungnir spear to rapidly attack the target, filling the Zentetsuken with each hit.
Heaven's CloudLunges toward the target, resetting the cooldown immediately if the previous attack lands, filling the Zentetsuken gauge.
Arm of DarknessWield Odin's Blade for a time, filling the Zentetsuken guage with each attack that lands, and gaining the ability to execute it by holding Square.

Titan skills

With Titan under control, you'll gain the ability to learn and equip the following abilities:

Earthen Fury Launch enemies with a powerful earthy explosion.
Raging FistsLunge forward to deal rapid attacks that increase in damage if the advance blocks an attack.
WindupDeliver a forward punch, dealing more damage he longer the attack is charged.
UpheavalHold the execute button to charge a damaging fist slam that increases in range.
Titanic BlockBlock attacks, unleashing counterattacks with Square if timed perfectly.

Bahamut skills

Once you've wrestled control of the monolithic Bahamut, you'll gain the ability to learn and equip the following abilities:

Gigaflare Use a large beam of light to burn enemies.
SatelliteSummons familiars that attack targets hit by Clive's Magic cast.
ImpulseSends multiple balls of light to root enemies in place, dealing continuous damage.
Flare BreathDeals continuous damage to enemies caught in the flames.
Wings of LightConjure Megaflare, dealing more damage the longer it's charged.
Cid using Ramuh's powers in Final Fantasy 16.
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Ramuh skills

Controlling Ramuh will unlock the ability to learn and equip the following abilities:

Judgement Bolt Deals massive damage to a single target.
Lightning RodSummons a ball of electricity that chains along enemies when hit.
Pile DriveDeals damage to those around the centre of the ability.
ThunderstormCauses lightning strikes to rain down on the target.
Blind JusticeLock onto a target to launch balls of lightning at them, discharging for additional damage if struck.

Phoenix skills

As you unlock more powers of the Phoenix Eikon, you'll gain access to the following abilities:

Flames of Rebirth Burns enemies caught in the pillar of flame, dealing damage and healing Clive.
HeatwaveReflects incoming ranged attacks to deal additional damage with an erupting wave.
Rising FlamesLaunches enemies in front of Clive, dealing damage.
Scarlet CycloneDeals damage to all nearby enemies.
Phoenix ShiftQuickly rush in the target direction, attacking with Magic or Melee as usual.

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