Are there multiple endings in Final Fantasy 16?

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Final Fantasy 16 characters standing in front of blue crystal

A key element of RPG stories and past Final Fantasy titles has been the various endings that can be achieved due to your decisions. Final Fantasy 16 has an intricate story weaving elements of politics, war and revenge into its narrative. However, does the Final Fantasy 16 ending provide multiple routes?

Your choices and actions feel much heavier when you know consequences are attached. Previous titles have had various decisions and requirements as prerequisites for different endings. Let's see if there are multiple endings in Final Fantasy 16.

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Are there multiple endings in Final Fantasy 16?

The short answer is no. As of yet, no alternate endings for Final Fantasy 16 have been discovered. Regardless of character interactions and dialogue choices, your actions will not impact the game's narrative. Since launch, we've tried around with different conditions and have followed the community. However, no one has discovered any alternate endings for the game. Most missions don't allow you to finish them in any way other than the intended method, so there isn't much room for flexibility.

This might come as a disappointment to many looking for a more immersive RPG experience. However, this decision allows Square Enix to focus on crafting a single well-written narrative that they want us to experience. Most of the game's dialogue is on point, and some of the romance elements help make the characters a lot more human and likeable.

What to do after ending Final Fantasy 16?

Luckily, the ending is not everything there is to Final Fantasy 16, and there's a good amount of replayability in the new game plus. You can enter the Final Fantasy mode for a much more daunting experience that will push your combat expertise to the limits. Final Fantasy 16 already has an excellent combat system, and these new modifiers and mechanics will keep your second playthrough fresh.


That being said, all hope is not lost for the prospect of new endings in Final Fantasy 16. The game has been quite successful, and Square Enix will most probably be launching DLC for Final Fantasy 16. This DLC might be what adds new story elements and the option to achieve multiple endings in Final Fantasy 16. So stay tuned for the latest updates!

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