FIFA 23 - how to unlock goal songs

Image of Jack Grealish shooting the ball in FIFA 23.

Image of Jack Grealish shooting the ball in FIFA 23.

Want to unlock goal songs in FIFA 23? A returning feature in EA Sports' final licensed football game lets you play a song from the soundtrack once you score a goal. It's yet another way to flex on your opponents when you're winning, and we're here to explain everything you need to know about it.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll explain how you unlock goal songs. Fortunately it's quite an easy process, meaning you can find your favourite tunes from the soundtrack and add them to your celebration routine with ease.

Elsewhere, we've got loads of FIFA 23 ratings so you can see which players rank at the top this year. We've also got a look at the web app, which is live now in case you want to start trading. Of course, now the game is properly released, the FIFA 23 beta has ended.

How do I unlock goal songs in FIFA 23?

To unlock goal songs in FIFA 23, you'll have to get them in packs. Each song on the game's soundtrack has been added as its own stadium item with its own card. Therefore, the process is the same as getting most other items in the game, including players.

When opening packs, there's always a small chance that one of the items you get is a new goal song. Of course, if there's a particular song you're looking for, you'll have to cross your fingers and hope you get it in a pack.

Fortunately you get a lot of stadium-based packs when completing early objectives. Therefore, you've got a decent chance of getting a goal song or two.

However, it doesn't appear that goal songs are for sale on the transfer market, so you can't go out and buy the specific one you're looking for. Instead, it's a case of opening packs and hoping you get lucky!

From there, you'll need to go to the Club menu. Choose Stadium, then Club, and within you'll find the Goal Sound option right at the bottom. Select the one you want to hear, and the next time you score it'll blast from the speakers.

Image of the club customisation menu in FIFA 23.
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What goal songs are available in FIFA 23?

So far, it seems like all songs from the FIFA 23 soundtrack will be available as goal songs. It makes sense given EA Sports secures specific licenses with labels to use those tracks, of course.

Therefore, if there's a particular song you've grown to like while browsing the menus, you should be able to make it your celebratory anthem. Equally, it's currently unclear whether songs dedicated to the VOLTA soundtrack will make the transition as goal songs, but that seems less likely. Given that mode and its music are entirely separate, the chances are those tracks won't be included.

That's it for our look at goal songs in FIFA 23! While you're here, you can read up even more on the game. Check out all the icons in this year's entry, as well as tips on how to complete the Puzzle Master SBC.

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