FFXIV Sharlayan Rebellion hair unlock - How to get Alisaie's hairstyle

Alisae in FFXIV.

Alisae in FFXIV.
March 2, 2023: At long last, Alisaie's attire has been made available. As expected, it's a store item you'll need to open up the old wallet to obtain. It includes both her signature clothing and her hairstyle.

Whether it's made public in the patch notes or mined from the files downloaded for the latest update, there's always a new FFXIV item or two we're not sure how to get. This time around, for patch 6.3, it's a new hairstyle. Here's how to get the Sharlayan Rebellion hair unlock and what we know about it.

Like any Modern Aesthetics item in-game, the Sharlayan Rebellion item unlocks a hairstyle for you to choose from when you next edit your character at an inn using the flamboyant clipper. And, as expected, it's an item a lot of players want to get their hands on.

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How do I get the Modern Aesthetics - Sharlayan Rebellion hairstyle

Right now, there's no definitive answer as to how to get the Sharlayan Rebellion hairstyle. The Modern Aesthetics item found in patch 6.3 has no known quest or NPC linked to it, suggesting it won't be something you'll naturally unlock as you play the game.

So how do you get it? It's looking like a cash shop item - something to get from the old Mogstation store. More eloquently known as the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store these days, we're fully expecting to see it pop up as a new item before patch 6.4 comes rolling around.

The Sharlayan Rebellion FFXIV hairstyle used by Alisae.
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What does the Modern Aesthetics - Sharlayan Rebellion hairstyle look like?

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Modern Aesthetics - Sharlayan Rebellion is essentially Alisae's hair from the Endwalker expansion, so just glare at her to get an idea of how it'll look.

Because the model is in-game already, though, model viewers are able to splice the hairstyle onto various characters ahead of time. Just look at the FFXIVCollect page to see a character of every race and gender wearing it well.

Here's the comical item description:

The realm's premier publication on beauty and fashion, this limited edition of Modern Aesthetics covers, in detail, techniques on transforming your style into that of the prominent─some would say not prominent enough─member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Alisaie Leveilleur. Please note that, while bearing certain similarities, this edition is decidedly not* a rerun of a previous edition. We thank you for your understanding. Use to unlock a new hairstyle at the aesthetician.

How much will Modern Aesthetics - Sharlayan Rebellion cost?

Optional hairstyles available in the FFXIV online store tend to come bundled with a whole cosplay glamour set, so don't go expecting Modern Aesthetics - Sharlayan Rebellion to cost a few bucks. Ten or more is likely the asking price, but you'll get a full Alisae cosplay if past releases are anything to go by.

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