How to unlock game modes in Exoprimal

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Screenshot of Exoprimal characters on red and blue background
Credit: Exoprimal (Capcom)

Wondering how to unlock game modes in Exoprimal? We've got all the information. Exoprimal challenges players to survive against hordes of prehistoric beasts in teams of five. Using a variety of high-tech Exosuits and a multitude of weapons and abilities, you will compete in the Exoprimal game modes against another team to complete the game's objectives first.

The Exoprimal game modes look basic on the surface, however, contained within the game's main Dinosaur Survival mode are a variety of war games to keep you on your toes. Here we take a look at the different challenges presented to players in Exoprimal.

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What are the different game modes in Exoprimal?

As far as "game modes" are concerned, there are only two in Exoprimal: Dino Survival and Training. However, contained within the Dino Survival mode is a multitude of war games, which we will delve into now.

Dinosaur Cull

This is the most basic game mode and the most common choice for the early rounds. The premise is simple; kill the number of dinosaurs indicated at the top of the screen.

Dinosaur Pursuit

In this game mode, players are tasked with chasing a large fleeing dinosaur and slaying it before the opposition team. To make it more challenging, smaller dinosaurs will get in the way of your team's progress.

Data Key Security

Teams are each assigned a large data cube that they must escort to the designated area and complete the data upload. To make it tougher, dinosaurs and enemy Exosuits can attack the data cube and temporarily disable it.

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Credit: Capcom
There are a variety of Exoprimal game modes that require different strategies.

Omega Charge

One member of the team must take command of the Omega Hammer and kill dinosaurs to charge it to 100%. Once charged, the hammer can be used to destroy the barrier to the next stage. The first team to destroy all targets wins.

Energy Taker

Players are tasked with collecting the energy that is scattered throughout the map and ending the match with more than the opposing team. Energy can be stolen from the opposition by killing members of the enemy team.


Much like Data Security, the Escort war game involves protecting a target while it reaches its destination. However, in this game mode, it is a non-playable character that must make it in one piece.

Vortex Sabotage

The Vortex Sabotage game mode requires teamwork more than almost any other game mode. In order to stop the flow of dinosaurs, you will need to take down the vortex shields and stop them from being able to set foot in the war game.

VTOL Defense

Tasked with protecting a grounded VTOL aircraft, players need to withstand swarms of dinosaurs as they attempt to destroy the aerial vehicle. In order to win the round, you must defeat the indicated number of dinosaurs.

Area Defense

Following the same premise as VTOL Defense, players are assigned a particular area where they must protect the device within its borders. A round can be won by defeating the required number of enemies.

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Credit: Capcom
The war game you will play is determined by the Exoprimal AI, Leviathan

Uplink Control

Similar to a Capture The Flag game, Uplink Control requires teams to secure data points and complete the transfer of information. This can be interrupted by opposing players and dinosaurs.

Neo T. rex

The biggest dinosaur challenge in Exoprimal requires more than one team to overcome. Two opposing teams become one as they attempt to survive the assault of an enormous and powerful Neo T. Rex. To make it more challenging, Leviathan puts a limit on the number of times the teams can respawn.

Savage Gauntlet

Scheduled for release on July 28, 2023, the Savage Gauntlet war games are pitted to be a post-story Exoprimal game mode that will truly test player skills. The game will have teams of five completing tasks in the given time in an attempt to top the global leaderboard. Game rules change each week to keep things interesting


How do I unlock all of the Exoprimal game modes?

One point of difference that Exoprimal has over other story-based games is that the narrative doesn't progress purely from playing levels within the game. Instead, you are tasked with uncovering the mysteries of Bikitoa Island and how the dinosaurs continuously make their appearance in the war games.

While Exoprimal does require gameplay to continue the game's story, it is the data you collect during games that have the most significant influence over your progress. Lost data is acquired in post-match summaries and can be listened to in the Database section of the menu. As you listen to voice recordings and view important intel, the story percentage will increase.

As you inch closer to finishing the story, more war game types are introduced to provide you with a new challenge and new dinosaur threats to overcome. The new war games are not explicitly announced as they become available, so it will be a surprising new challenge when players reach the final round of their war game.

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