Exoprimal - Full content roadmap

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Exoprimal content roadmap
Credit: Capcom

Fans of Capcom are hopeful that the Exoprimal content roadmap makes up for a somewhat lacklustre product at launch.

Sure, the core gameplay is fun. Learning how to use each Exosuit and the intricacies of each role is part of the fun, but there's a severe lack of modes or content to keep players engaged as it stands.

Fret not, as Capcom has already unveiled a decent Exoprimal content roadmap that will see the game receive updates until at least early 2024. A decent amount of time to gauge interest post-release.

Let's show you everything coming to Exoprimal in the coming months.

Exoprimal roadmap

Exoprimal roadmap
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Credit: Capcom
The full Exoprimal roadmap

So far, there are three confirmed seasons for Exoprimal. Capcom has stated that each one of them will last around three months, giving us content until at least March, give or take.

Exoprimal season 1

Season 1 of Exoprimal, naturally, started with the release of the game and will end on 12 October.

The big updates we can expect include a new mode dropping on 28 July called Savage Gauntlet and Title Update 1 which will come on August 16 and will bring a total of 10 new Exosuits to the game.

Exoprimal season 2

Season 2 of Exoprimal will start on 13 October and end roughly in early January. The big expected content batch this season includes Title Update 2, which will see the game receive a new map, Ocean Platform, as well as more rigs, modules, and a final mission.

On top of that, it'll be the debut of the first Exoprimal Capcom crossover, featuring two Exosuits inspired by Street Fighter, with Ryu and Guile coming.

Exoprimal season 3

The final confirmed Exoprimal season will start in early January and could potentially end in late March or early April.


For this third season, Capcom is planning the Title Update 3, which comes with Beta variant Exosuits and the debut of a new dino, the Neo Triceratops.

In terms of collabs, the Monster Hunter x Exoprimal crossover is also scheduled to hit the game this season.

We'll have more information about all the new Exoprimal content as soon as it drops! In the meantime, check out how to unlock all Exosuits in the game.

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