Exoprimal beginner tips

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Here are some useful Exoprimal beginner tips to get you a head-start in the game
Credit: Exoprimal (Capcom)

Capcom's new dinosaur survival IP Exoprimal is an online team game that pits players in their highly-advanced armour against an array of dinosaurs. Using these Exoprimal beginner tips, you can very quickly become comfortable with the game and find yourself at the top of the leaderboard in no time.

To get the best performance out of each war game in Exoprimal, it is important to understand the purpose that each Exosuit class serves, as well as how their contribution to the team ensures success. A balanced team has the best chance of winning, so this game is as much about the whole squad as it is about the individual.

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Exoprimal Exosuit classes explained

There are 10 Exosuits to choose from in Exoprimal - four Assault, three Tank, and three Support - all of which have their own set of unique skills to serve their intended purpose. To realise your full potential as a dino slayer, it's best to take into consideration what each class is and the purposes they serve.

The Assault class name gives it away - they are designed to dish out as much punishment as possible. If you are to lean towards this class, your play style should reflect an aggressive charge towards any adversaries, whether dinosaur or Exosuit, in an attempt to clear out the area of any threats.

The Tank class deals the most damage, but they are also there for the protection of their team. They are heavily armoured Exosuits with the highest health rating, so their objective is to attract the most attention and absorb the most damage so your comrades can carry out the team's mission.

The Support class is less concerned with eliminating enemies, and more focused on keeping the rest of the team alive. While they have some offensive capabilities, they are best used for team players who prioritise keeping everyone together in one unstoppable unit. The Support class is underrated as far as point scoring is concerned, as repairing comrades can help to rack up big totals in the war games.

Exoprimal beginner tips
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Credit: Capcom
Take note of these Exoprimal beginner tips to find yourself on the best performers list!

Customise Exoprimal settings to your liking

The settings menu in Exoprimal has several areas where you can tweak performance to bring out the best in you. There are options to adjust the sensitivity of the camera when running and aiming, as well as a button mapping to reassign certain prompts to different buttons.

While it may take a little time to adjust the game settings to your liking, it is a worthwhile investment to give you the most comfortable layout for gameplay. The sensitivity is quite high in its default setting for both aiming and running, so we recommend tweaking it to suit you. The training ground is a great area to play around and adjust the game experience before diving into the war games.

Balance your classes


There are three different classes in Exoprimal, and no team is effective if all three are not represented in a squad. With this in mind, Exoprimal beginner tips about this is for your unit to consist of at least two Assault or Tank classes and a minimum of one Support.

Given that you may need to adjust your class to suit the current allocation of classes within the team, it is in your best interest to become familiar with a least one Exosuit from each class so that you can adapt to any changes in its balance.

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