How to play as a dinosaur in Exoprimal

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Some of the dinosaurs in Exoprimal are playable. Here is how to use them.
Credit: Exoprimal (Capcom)

In Capcom's latest game, not only can you battle against terrifying prehistoriccal creatures, but you can also control them. Let's show you how to play as a dinosaur in Exoprimal.

While dinosaurs are the main foes in Exoprimal, the premise behind the game is to outperform an opposing team who is attempting to complete the same sequence of objectives. As an added twist to the core gameplay, players can take control of some ferocious dinosaurs, including the Triceratops, Carnotaurus, and T-Rex.

In case you didn't know Exoprimal can only be played online and supports solo players, but will also allow the party gamers to invite their friends to join the fray. Whether on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, Exoprimal emphasises the importance of teamwork in ensuring survival.

How to play as a dinosaur in Exoprimal

Unfortunately, it isn't possible for you to choose any of the dinosaurs in the pre-game lobby, at least not with the current game types available in Exoprimal. However, that isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the playable dinos lack the range of skills and agility required to be effective in the war games for any extended period of time.

With that said, the option to play as a dinosaur becomes available during the matches as a tool that can be used to halt the progress of the opposing team and turn the tide of the battle in your favour. This is done with the use of Dominators.

The game's AI Leviathan announces when a Dominator becomes available to your team and again when the opposing team receives one. In each match, both teams will receive the perk, however, it is generally given first to the team that is trailing their opposition. It comes in the form of a large metal gadget with a hologram of the dinosaur it contains.

In order to use the Dominator, players must pick the device up by standing next to it and holding the indicated button. Once equipped, it can be activated by pressing the overdrive ability button. It is worth noting that, in order to use the Dominator, you will need to be in an open space so there is enough room for the portal to be generated.

Once activated, your Exosuit fighter will lasso a dinosaur and pull it from the space-time portal, before it is warped over to where the opposition are completing their objectives.

Players who equip the Dominator in Exoprimal's war games can play as a dinosaur.
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Credit: Exoprimal (Capcom)
You can play as a dinosaur in the wargames by picking up the Dominator

All playable dinosaurs in Exoprimal

As it stands, Exoprimal's Dominators will contain one of three dinosaurs; the Carnotaurus, Triceratops, or T-Rex. You will not get to choose which dinosaur is contained in the device, and it can only be used once by one member of each team.

Each dinosaur has its own unique attacks, with the carnivores preferring to use their powerful jaws, and the Triceratops opting to charge at foes with its horns bared. The dinos can only be used for a limited time, depending on how aggressively they are sought after by the opposition team.


Given the expansive roster of larger dinosaurs, as well as the terrifying genetically-enhanced Neosaurs, it is fair to anticipate that some of the other beasts will be playable in future seasons as the game grows.

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