How to open War Chests in Exoprimal

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Exoprimal war chests contain a variety of rewards to enhance your playing experience.
Credit: Exoprimal (Capcom)

Using the Exoprimal War Chests will let you upgrade your high-tech Exosuit and fight in teams of five against hordes of the most famous dinosaurs in the Earth's history.

For players who get their feet wet in Exoprimal's wargames, post-game rewards take many forms, with the most valuable being contained in war chests. Find out here how to earn the Exoprimal war chests, and where you can claim the prizes contained within.

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How to open War Chests in Exoprimal

While Exoprimal makes it very clearn when you earn War Chests, given you are told at the end of a match, it is not immediately obvious where they can be claimed at first. The main menu contains a number of sections that direct players to the wargame, hangar, career, and database screens to delve deeper into the features of the game. It is easy to overlook, but the war chests section is hidden in plain sight.

War Chests can be claimed directly from the main menu, where you will find Sandy standing in the ship hangar. To her right, there is a chest icon to indicate the war chest section, along with a number to inform of how many unopened chests are waiting to be claimed.

Selecting this icon will take you to another screen where Sandy is seated at a table that makes her look like a casino card dealer. Once you select the Open Chest button, Sandy will draw the 3 cards containing your rewards.

How to earn War Chests in Exoprimal

Much like any competitive first or third-person shooting game, you will earn experience points through your actions on the battlefield, which will result in your player level increasing. As your player level increases, you will receive a variety of rewards for your efforts, from in-game currency to cosmetic and performance upgrades to any of the ten Exosuits in the game.

Exoprimal war chests are the most valuable post-game rewards players can receive and you will be notified when you earn one in the match summary at its conclusion. Inside the war chest are three cards, all of which will contain a randomly chosen reward.


Rewards from war chests can vary in rarity, indicated by the colour of the card AI companion Sandy produces. Blue cards are common, purple are rare, and gold are epic rarity prizes. The rewards can vary from player card backgrounds to new skins for Exosuits to make your character and profile more unique than ever.

War chests are the main source of rewards in Exoprimal.
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Credit: Exoprimal (Capcom)
War chests can be opened by selecting the small icon on the right hand side of the main menu

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