Exoprimal best Zephyr build

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This is the best Zephyr build to get the most out of the agile Exosuit
Credit: Exoprimal (Capcom)

Capcom's Exoprimal features a number of high-tech Exosuits that players can use to battle the hordes of dinosaurs in the war games. These suits are split into three categories: Assault, Tank, and Support, all of which perform different roles within the team. In this article, we offer the best Zephyr build in Exoprimal for one of Exoprimal's Assault Exosuits.

Zephyr launches a barrage of lethal melee combat attacks using the two blades attached to its arms. While it is one of the less powerful options in the game, Zephyr is unmatched in combat speed and agility. To get the best performance out of this speedy Exosuit, consider this Zephyr build to enhance its abilities.

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What are Zephyr's abilities?

Like all of the other Exosuits, Zephyr has a primary attack, three alternative abilities, and an Overdrive Ability. Its attacks and abilities are as follows;

  • Tonfa Blitz - this is the Exosuit's primary attack, which uses the two tonfas attached to its arm to release short-range waves of energy.
  • Linear Strike - the first alternative attack, which is a powerful tackle that sends enemies flying.
  • Turbine Step - while it isn't an attacking move, it enables Zephyr to perform a quick evasive manoeuvre.
  • Sky High - a powerful upward kick that can send multiple enemies straight up in the air.
  • Limiter Override - this is Zephyr's most powerful ability, which boosts its speed, reduces attack cooldown times, and restores any lost health.
the Zephyr swiping
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Credit: Exoprimal (Capcom)
What Zephyr lacks in power, he makes up for in speed and agility.

The best Rig for Zephyr in Exoprimal

Each Exosuit can equip up to three performance modules and a rig, which can provide additional support or firepower to the suit. We recommend the following Shield for Zephyr.

In order for this Exosuit to be effective in the war games, it needs to be right in the middle of combat due to its melee weapons. However, while it is required, you need to be careful of your suit's health as Zephyr is not heavily armoured and relies on its speed for safety. Equipping the Shield rig will give Zephyr a fighting chance when the dino swarms become too great in number or power.

The best Modules for Zephyr


All Exosuits can equip up to three Modules to enhance particular facets of its performance. These three are best for Zephyr:

  1. Z01 - Melee Enhancer - this module can only be used for slot one. With this equipped, Zephyr's damage is increased by 40% and attack speed is increased. It no longer emits energy waves, however in the middle of a dinosaur swarm this is effective for thinning out the crowd efficiently.
  2. Z - Skyfall - this module can only be equipped in slot two. It specifically enhances Zephyr's Skyfall attack, enabling you to perform an extra attack, which will deal damage to any enemies hit by the extra attack's victim. It will also enhance the Skyfall damage by 10%, which is incredibly useful given it is one of Zephyr's best attacks.
  3. Regeneration Module - given Zephyr is constantly engaged in close-range combat, its health can deteriorate very quickly if caught in a difficult engagement. This makes the restoration of health points crucial to success, which is where the Regeneration Module comes in handy, as it will reduce the start time of health regeneration by 2.5 seconds at its highest level.

We hope this Zephyr build brings you to the MVP spot! For more Exoprimal content, read our beginner tips and our Exosuit tier list.

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