EA Sports FC 24 Clubs - News, changes, and more

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EA Sports FC Clubs players wearing green kit with stadium in background
Credit: EA

When it comes to footballing games, there are few modes that can compete with the fun of EA Sports FC 24 Clubs. In previous years, the mode formerly known as Pro Clubs allows players to form their very own team and work their way up the ranks until they reach the coveted Division 1.

In EA Sports FC 24, the developer has decided to make a number of changes to the co-op mode, much to the excitement of fans that have called for adjustments in order to see it excel alongside the likes of Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

Before we reveal more about what EA Sports FC 24 Clubs has to offer, take a look at our other guides showcasing how to do a curved lob pass and all of the UCL Heroes appearing on the virtual pitch.

EA Sports FC 24 Clubs changes

Thanks to a recent Deep Dive, EA has revealed a variety of changes to Clubs. Ranging from all kinds of new items to the anticipated addition of cross-play, here's a closer look at how Clubs will work.


Seasons are inspired and coincide with events taking place in other areas of EA Sports FC 24. EA has chosen to remove relegation entirely, meaning teams can no longer fall back down to Division 10.

The new promotion format raises the stakes when attempting to climb into a new division and is designed to differentiate them between regular season matches.

EA Sports FC 24 players posing in front of camera
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Credit: EA


Once the regular season comes to a close, the Playoffs begin. Similar to FUT Champions, each team has a specific number of matches to earn points and climb the leaderboard.

The higher you place, the better rewards you can earn for your Pro and the entire team. Rewards range from extra Fans, an additional reputation boost and unique trophies you can display.

EA Sports FC 24 Clubs progression explained

Instead of focusing on increasing the rating of your Pro, EA Sports FC 24 Clubs allows you and your clubmates to grow the entire Club by playing the game. Earn Fans and unlock reputation to increase the exposure of your Club to a wider audience.

The higher the club rating, you'll get better AI teammates, and the ability to unlock even more customisation options for the stadium.

EA Sports FC 24 Clubs PlayStyles


In addition to using PlayStyles in Ultimate Team, EA Sports FC 24 Clubs also utilises the feature. Each PlayStyle comes with a range of boosts to specific attributes that enhance your performance on the pitch.

Looking to send the ball into the top corner every time? Equip the Finesse Shot PlayStyle for increased shot power and curve to increase the chances of beating the keeper.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about EA Sports FC 24 Clubs so far. For more, check out our player rating predictions along with all of the Icons appearing in EA's new era of football games.

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