All tracks in Disney Speedstorm

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A track in Disney Speedstorm, with Mulan racing Mickey Mouse.

If you want to know all tracks in Disney Speedstorm, you're likely waiting for the launch of the game. Taking a Mario Kart approach to the Disney universe, Disney Speedstorm has tonnes of tracks to try out, filled with secrets to find and references to the universe.

In this guide, we go over every track available in the game, alongside its main gimmick and when we expect extra tracks to arrive. This will cover everything you need to know coming up to the early access launch of the game.

All tracks in Disney Speedstorm

As of right now, we know about six main tracks in the game. It is possible more will come on launch or just after. So far, we know about:

  • The Castle - A map from Beauty and the Beast, with a glass rose in the middle, tea cups circling around, and plenty of references to the film.
  • A Pirate's Life - This Pirates of the Caribbean map has palm trees, pirate ships, and tentacles.
  • Mount Olympus - This is from Hercules and is filled with golden buildings.
  • The Great Wall - This is from Mulan and comes with traditional Chinese architecture and a big red dragon.
  • Jungle Ruins - Coming from The Jungle Book, this is covered in trees and has a huge waterfall right in the middle.
  • Toon Village - Toon Village is inspired by Mickey Mouse and comes with tonnes of billboard, banners, and more.
  • The Silver Screen - This is also inspired by Mickey Mouse and is based on an old school cinema.
  • The Factory - Coming from Monsters Inc, this is the factory from the movie.

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