All Mulan racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm

Mulan in Disney Speedstorm

Mulan in Disney Speedstorm

The Mulan racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm are pretty interesting. Given the game needs to give reasons for players to come back and grab new cosmetics, there should be a lot upon launch. We'll continue to update you as more come in.

In this guide, we'll go over everything we know about the game's suits and kart liveries for Mulan. Disney Speedstorm takes a Mario Kart-like approach to the Disney Universe, so its launch is set to be huge. This should help you out if you're looking to main Mulan.

All Mulan racing suits in Disney Speedstorm

As of launch, Mulan has a standard suit she can wear, but there is also a unique skin that comes with the Founder's Pack for the game. This will give you a unique blue skin, adorned with yellow and green stripes. It doesn't change around her hair and head but will change the rest of her suit.

Though this is all we know right now, the Founder's Pack does come with tokens to spend on items in-game, so it seems likely cosmetics will drop almost immediately. We'll update you here if anything changes after launch.

Disney Speedstorm Ultimate Founder's Pack
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All Mulan kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm

Like the suits, Mulan gets kart liveries with the base game, and one with the Founder's Pack. It is also blue with green and yellow stripes on it. Also like suits, we anticipate new liveries to come out after launch. Being a huge part of the game, it makes sense to give more ways to customise them.

You may be looking for more information on the game as it launches. If so, here are all Donald Duck racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm, all Mickey Mouse racing suits and kart liveries, and all game modes in Disney Speedstorm.

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