All Donald Duck racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm

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Donald Duck in Disney Speedstorm

Are you looking for all the Donald Duck racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm? If so, here are all the suits and liveries you can find in the game, plus when we expect more of them to arrive. If you want to play as Donald Duck, this will serve as an introduction to the game's cosmetics for this specific character.

Disney Speedstorm is a brand new kart racer featuring tracks and characters from the Disney universe, including the beloved Donald Duck himself. There's a lot to learn here, if you're willing to put in the time.

All Donald Duck racing suits in Disney Speedstorm

These are all the Donald Duck racing suits available in Disney Speedstorm:

  • Default
  • Sailor
  • Earidescent Celebration
  • Founding Member
  • Early Bird

There's a chance more may arrive on or just after launch. As well as the standard suit, the Founder's Pack gives you access to the Early Bird Donald Duck racing suit. It's an entirely blue suit with small green stripes, as seen in the image below.

It seems likely that more will arrive with the full game to spend those in-game tokens on. Like many live service games, Disney Speedstorm incentivises in-game purchases through cool new cosmetics. We'll update you right here if more are announced.

Donald Duck stood by a kart in Disney Speedstorm.
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All Donald Duck kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm

Here are all the kart liveries you can use with Donald Duck in Disney Speedstorm:

  • Anchor Black
  • Blue Streak
  • Flashy Orange
  • High Sea Cyan
  • Feather White
  • Bold Yellow
  • Toontech Founder's Edition
  • Toontech Early Bird
  • Toontech Runabout
  • Toontech Diamond Edition

Like the racing suits, you get the traditional kart sets with the game, but the Founder's Pack also comes with an exclusive Donald Duck kart livery. This will copy the styles of the suits, coming with a sleek blue colour and green and yellow stripes.

Now that you know how the Donald Duck suit and kart liveries work, you may want more information on the game itself. If so, here are all tracks in Disney Speedstorm, how to drift in Disney Speedstorm, and all Mickey Mouse racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm.

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