All Figment racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm

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Figment in Disney Speedstorm

The Figment racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm will help you stand out from your friends. Giving you ways to customise your favourite racers, they're worth grabbing when you can. In this guide, we go over everything we know about Figment from his suits and liveries to his major skills.

Given that is a kart racer going free to play in 2024, it is sure to have years of development ahead of it. Though we are still missing information right now, we are expecting the game to get even bigger soon.

All Figment racing suits in Disney Speedstorm

As of Figment's launch, there is only one confirmed skin for the character. This being said, given that they are being added with Season 1, it seems likely that more skins will come alongside them.

The team behind the game need to give you a reason to spend your currency, and new skins is a great way of doing so. We'll update you right here if anything changes.

Figment in Disney Speedstorm
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All Figment kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm

As of right now, we only know of the original kart liveries that come with Figment. Like racing suits, we anticipate much more after the character launches. We'll update you right here as more come in!

All Figment skills in Disney Speedstorm

Figment is a trickster class, giving them access to cool abilities that mess with other players. Their skills are:

  • Hack - Shoots projectiles at enemies in front or spawns a wall behind that disrupts players.
  • Cloak - Makes Figment invisible for a few seconds. If you hold it, they stun enemies nearby when reappearing.
  • Fire - Pressing activates an aura of fire, holding spawns an explosion, activating behind summons a trail of fire.
  • Dash - This sends Figment forward at a faster pace.

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