All Hercules racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm

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Hercules in Disney Speedstorm

If you're looking for all the Hercules racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm, you have probably picked your main. In this guide, we'll go over everything you should know about his suits. This should serve as a beginner's guide to work out how best to use his cosmetics. There should be plenty soon!

Disney Speedstorm takes a Mario Kart-like approach to the Disney universe and brings with it unique tracks, skins, and so much more. With tonnes of cosmetics and racers to unlock, you should get in early to avoid being left behind.

All Herules racing suits in Disney Speedstorm

So far, we know thatHercules will come with his base suit, plus one more in the game. If you happen to have bought the Founder's Pack, he comes with a blue suit adorned with short green and yellow stripes. It's a more classic race look, instead of his traditional brown garb.

As well as this, it seems likely that more suits will come out for him just after launch. We'll update you here as soon as we find any more.

All Hercules kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm


As of launch, there is just the kart livery that comes with the base game, and a blue livery that is included with the Founder's Pack version of the game. Like the suits, we anticipate more being available just after launch. There are micro currencies included, so Gameloft needs to add some nice new cosmetics to get you spending them. If any more arrive after launch, we'll keep you updated right here.

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