How to complete Hakuna Matata quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Nala and Simba in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Nala and Simba in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In this guide, you will learn how to complete the first task for Simba, namely the Hakuna Matata quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Your goal here is to help the proud lion arrange a place where other game characters can rest and relax because this is what his faithful friends Timon and Pumba taught him. How can you do this? Just keep reading!

The character is talking to Simba to get the Hakuna Matata quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
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Disney Dreamlight Hakuna Matata quest walkthrough

This task will not take you much time, because you only need to do a few things. Primarily, your job is to help Simba settle into the Peaceful Meadow location. Here's how to do it:

  • You need to wear some casual clothes. Go to your wardrobe and filter through the various clothing styles until you locate the casual section. Select an outfit from this category and wear it. Then, just go and talk with Simba.
  • Upon speaking with Simba, it becomes evident that his intention is to increase the comfort level of the Peaceful Meadow location for all visitors. The key to achieving this lies in adding certain decorative elements to the site. The required items can be found below:
    • Seating objects x3
    • Landscaping objects x5

You can get these items in Scrooge McDuck's shop, by increasing the level of friendship with characters.

Scrooge McDuck's shop in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
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Credit: YouTube JayShockblast

After collecting all the items you need, you can put them anywhere in the designated area. Then, go to the king of beasts and let him know that you've completed the task.

During your second conversation with Simba, he will share details about an Oasis, which evokes fond memories of time spent with friends. Since he wants to recreate this experience at Peaceful Meadow, he asks for your help. Two options exist for obtaining the Oasis, both of which involve a visit to Scrooge McDuck:

  • Buy it from Scrooge McDuck for 9,000 coins.
  • Alternatively, for those who prefer to save their coins, a second option exists. Scrooge will ask you to collect some gems and give you an Oasis in return.

Once you have successfully gathered all the necessary gems, make your way to Scrooge McDuck's store and exchange them for an Oasis. After obtaining the Oasis, make your way back to Peaceful Meadow and install it at any place. Once this has been done, talk with Simba in order to finish the quest. Congratulations, the task is now complete!

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