How to fix Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate quest bug

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The player character being chased by monsters in Diablo 4.

If you're making your way through the various quests in the new action RPG, chances are you've come across the Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate quest bug. This pesky error occurs when trying to clear the side quest, leaving players at a loss.

In this guide, we'll explain how to fix the bug that appears in the Fury Against Fate quest in Diablo 4. Armed with that knowledge, you'll be able to complete the quest and continue on your journey of becoming hell's most prolific warrior.

What is the Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate quest bug?

The Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate quest bug occurs when tasked with clearing out the Wasting Hollow dungeon. The game tells you to lead a troupe of Crane Tribe soldiers into the dungeon to defeat the enemies within.

However, this bug means those soldiers remain stationery, preventing you from clearing the dungeon and completing the objective.

The player character casting a spell in Diablo 4.
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How do I fix the Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate quest bug?

Fortunately, a comment from DarkComa in the Blizzard forums seems to contain an easy fix for the Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate quest bug. Here's their solution:

It seems this quest is [struggling] with the event that is just outside of the cave. Run in the cave start the dialog and immediately run to the gate to be out of the range of the event.

Therefore, you'll need to head outside of the initial radius of the quest, then head back to trigger the event to properly start. It can be a pain, but so far this appears to be the only way to bypass the bug plaguing the Fury Against Fate quest.


Fortunately, we expect Blizzard will release a fix for this specific issue in the next Diablo 4 update. Keep an eye on the Blizzard support page, where details on known errors and upcoming patches can be found.

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