Diablo 4 Berserking explained

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Diablo 4 Berserking
September 14 - Here is everything you need to know about Berserking in Diablo 4.

Berserking is a status ailment in Diablo 4 that can be applied to players and enemies. The status gives you a massive damage bonus as well as a bump to your movement speed for a short duration and you can extend the Diablo 4 Berserking duration using skills, talents, runes, etc.

Barbarian is the only class that has skills that trigger Berserking and you can create builds around the status effect. Let’s break down all of the skills that trigger Diablo 4’s Berserking status ailment so you can create your own Berserker Barbarian build.

What does Diablo 4 Berserking do?

In Diablo 4, Berserking is a Status Ailment that can be applied to enemies and players using runes, skills, talents and weapon modifiers. It increases your damage by 25% and movement speed by 30%. There are skills that can increase the bonuses offered by Berserking even further.

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Diablo 4 Berserking skills

The only class that can trigger Berserking using skills is Druid. Here are all of the skills that you can use to give yourself the Berserking buff:

  • Comat Lunging Strike: Critical Strikes with Lunging Strike grant you Berserking for 1.5 seconds
  • Furious Double Swing: Casting Double Swing while Berserking grants two additional seconds of Berserking
  • Violent Upheaval: If Upheaval damages at least two enemies, you gain Berserking for two seconds, increased to three seconds if it damages at least four enemies
  • Enhanced War Cry: War Cry grants you Berserking for four seconds
  • Battle Fervor: Battle Fervor grants the following effects, you can Rank up this skill up to Rank three by spending more Skill Points into this skill. At Rank three, you get three seconds of Berserking
  • Fighter’s Steel Grasp: If Steel Grasp damages an enemy, gain Berserking for two seconds
  • Wrath of the Berserker: Gain Berserking and Unstoppable for five seconds. For the next ten seconds, dealing direct damage with Basic Skills grants Berserking for two seconds. You can also Enhance the skill into Prime Wrath of the Berserker and Supreme Wrath of the Berserker
  • Prime Wrath of the Berserker: While Wrath of the Berserker is active, gain 20% increased Movement Speed and increase Fury Generation by 30%
  • Supreme Wrath of the Berserker: While Wrath of the Berserker is active, every 50 Fury you spend increases Berserker's damage bonus by 25%
  • Unconstrained: Increase Berserk‘s maximum duration by five seconds and increase its damage bonus by 25%

The Berserking mechanic is used in Druid builds across all stages of the game. From early-game Whirlwind builds to Vortex Barbarian builds that players are using in the late game, you can take advantage of Diablo 4 Berserking effect in any type of content.

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